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We tried to introduce a gay rights officer at my college, but it failed by twenty votes. I kind of took it personally, because I know I could've easily got twenty people to vote for it. Oh well, doesn't really matter.

I need to stop using other work as procrastination.

Boyfriend. Skyped him today. Long distance is hard. I always told myself I wouldn't do it because it's stupid and pointless. I wouldn't say it's that, but it's just frustrating. He's coming back in December (to visit), I guess I could wait till then.

Silbermond is a good german band.

I have so much work I just don't know where to start. Sometimes I get this heavy feeling, like what is the point of anything I'm doing. Like nothing I do will ever be good enough. There are so many things I wana be, so little time.

Sometimes I feel really stupid.

I just want to be content.


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I hope it's not while you're away at WUDC?

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I will assess my priorities

I will assess my priorities

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maybe they were threatened at the thought of "gay rights" being "special rights". Perhaps an equal rights officer might have been the way to go on that one. Just a thought.

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We already have a welfare

We already have a welfare officer and women's officer and even an international student officer, for some reason people just seem really averse to having a queer rights officer.

Or people just too apathetic to care. Not everyone thinks they can change the world, or at least try.