2.5 people in this class are gay.

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So, I was in bio, with my teacher who I thought I was going to hate but ending up loving, because we get him him off topic a loooottttt, but that's why I love it. Anyways, this girl in my class was talking about wanting to be a Cav scount in the military but how they won't let her because she has a vagina, and he got to talking about how he thinks everyone should be treated equal, if you wanna do something you should be able to do it whether or not you're black, white, male, female, and he said that he doesn't judge on anything.

Then, someone mentioned DADT being repealed today.

I though his reaction was going to be bad.

I was wrong ^-^ He was just like "I don't get why that was even impimented in the first place, I don't mind gay people" and all that. He said "Statistically, about 10-15% of the population is gay, so in this class of 20....2 and a half of you guys are gay." and everyone, of course, LOLd, but I just sat there like "Lolwut?" But yeah, I haz respectz for dis man right here. :3 He and my mom talked for a while before I went into High School and they were friends, but then he got a girlfriend after a nasty divorce and the GF didn't like mom (not hard to see why) and on top of Mr. B having previous Heart Surgery, she didn't want that extra stress on him so she just stopped talking to him.

But he came up to me and was all like "Your mom contacted me, and I'm going to be calling her tonight" and again I was all like "lolwut". Tis weird >.>

Anyways, off to bed after making a poster for the Trojan War that has a pony on it and it says "No-Peace Pony wants YOU to join the War!" xD