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Yes, I know you're all tired of all the what-happened-ten-years-ago. But I thought that, since it was ten years ago, and most of us are in our teens or twenties, we probably have some different memories. The adults remember what happened, but we were just kids.

I didn't know anything about anything until I got to school that day - my family not being one to have the news on early in the morning, and since we lived in California, the day hadn't even really started yet when the planes hit the towers. We were at home, with the television off and nobody phoning us to tell us to check the news, quickly - it was a normal morning. Then I got to school and everything was in a confusion. One classmate told me that something had happened to New York and there were only two towers left in the whole world. One said that she was the only one who had 'remembered' to wear red-white-and-blue. When class finally started, the teacher explained what had happened, even showing us what a box-cutter was. I was eight years old, and in the third grade. It was the eighth birthday of one of my friends.

I'm sure my memories aren't the most interesting. What do you remember from September 11, 2001?

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I remember waking up to a phone call...

From my aunt in New York. I was in disbelief...tuned on the tv, and saw the first tower....2nd plane hasn't hit yet, but there was a rumour of another hijacking...I wasn't scared...I have seen things in my life, and deal w/ death fairly well...but upon hearing of the crash into the pentagon, I feared the worst. I have friends in the FDNY, And my aunt works for a councilman there...so I was worried for them. My aunt assured me all was well, but described the absolute mess that ensued.

Manhattan was entirely shut down, like a DMZ. She People were not allowed home across the bridge, and everything from pocket knives to fingernail clippers were being confiscated.

I remember seeing the images of dust, and thinking I hadn't seen anything like this on US soil since the McVey bombing, in which my friend Tim at the time had lost a few close friends on OKC.

We held a peace/ thought session that morning at my alternative middle school, and everyone walked down to the trail by the pond to share their thoughts on the days events after all had unfolded. It was only later until we learned of the fate of united 93.

Unlike some, I have very clear memories of that day...I feel I was fortunate enough to have gotten through to loved ones in the city, as the switchboards were completely overwhelmed, but at the same time, I was nervous.

My father's involvement in arming the muja-hideen in the late 70's and 80's had given me enough information to know that once they started pointing the finger at al-qaida, it was not going to be the swift war bush was hoping for.

I am a patriot. I always have been. I love my country...but, I feel that we need to focus on our own domestic problems, and no longer assume the role of superpower that was established under the Roosevelts (TEDDY AND FDR) and post WW2. if you think about the issues that started the U.S.' superpower status, it all goes back to the days of the great white fleet under roosevelt.

We wanted to show the communists and our enemies that we were the dominant power, and to some extent we still do...but our country is in its worst economic recession in history, our unemployment rate is rising, we are rapidly becoming one of the most un-educated countries in the world, and we are now in debt up to our eyeballs. not to mention domestic issues such as health care and retirement programs that need to be re-invented.

We have had enough of this war IMO...I believe in our troops, and stand behind them...but we CANNOT win a war against an ideology or a system of beliefs that nearly 1/3 of the world subscribes to.

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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I'm kinda ashamed

to say I really don't remember anything.
I mean, I was only 5, but I can remember seeing fireworks when the millenium happened, and I was only 3 when that happened.

I think we were living in Washington by that time... Yes, we were, I think we moved here in February or so of 2001...
But I'm not sure if were in our current house though, or still in the apartment...
Jesus, I can hardly remember anything.
So, I might be able to fabricate memories, so I can't tell what I remember if it's real or just a fabrication...

I really don't think I remember anything...


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I was at school, close to

I was at school, close to the end of it. I remember that my third grade was excused from school, because she either had close friends or relatives that died in the attack. My school didn't tell us anything about it, as they felt that our respective parents were the best source of the news. My mom told me during the car ride back, and I didn't really get it. I saw it on the news, but again, it never really hit.

Honestly, it never really hit, until I was like 12.

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I was eight.

It was just another day in grade three. My teacher mentioned something about "World Trade Center", and planes crashing into it. When I saw it on the news, I wondered why everyone was making such a big deal out of it. Planes crashing. I didn't comprehend the gravity of the situation at all. The video was grainy.

I didn't think it was that big of a deal, even the year after. I thought, "Why are we having a moment of silence because planes crashed?" It wasn't until I got older, gradually, I began to understand.

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i was in third grade sitting

i was in third grade sitting in my chair, and saw a janitor running a tv down the hall, like full sprint! so i asked to go to the bathroom. turns out the main office lady had heard about it and wanted to see what was going on. so they turned it on and we all saw the 1st tower burning, then the second plane hit. so i walked back to class and didnt tell anybody. then they came over the loud speaker n told us. but we didnt get to go home /:

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I didn't find out until at least 2005.

I was living in England when it happened, so nobody really cared.


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err saying that the english did not really care is a bit of a big contradiction.

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Then why didn't anyone say

Then why didn't anyone say anything about it?


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Let's just stop right there.

Ok? Ok.

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I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest that no one talked to you about it because you were four at the time?

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i was in holiday in Cyprus

i was in holiday in Cyprus when the planes hit didn't find out till the next week i was about 7 going 8 at the time

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