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Nobody's posting on Oasis......

I got a new computer and it apparently hates me.... Or maybe it's just a crappy computer and that's why the former owner got rid of it.... Or maybe I'm just inept. It seemed like a good idea at the time, getting a computer that was already outdated, just less outdated than my old 2005 computer that couldn't support the operating system needed to support the browser needed to use the thing that I'm required to use for Chemistry.... But this new computer doesn't even have Word or any such basic things, and when I tried (thrice!) to move old Word 2003 (which is less annoying than later Words) from the old computer to this one, pretty much everything ended up moving except the things (like Word and all the photos) that I wanted, or maybe just everything moved but it's all in name only just like Word. See, there's a thing that says it's Word, but when I try to open it it just gives me a couple sentences of robot-language. Shaaaarrrrrrrr, technology is annoying.

I got a new wallet, too, and I like it and it's not annoying like the computer. Or like my old wallet. So that's good at least.

There are people here whose eyebrows are just as talented as mine. I'm not special anymore. Waaaaaaah......

Blah blah blah blah.


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Maybe you should download

Maybe you should download Open Office? It's kind of like Word.

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I'm also perplexed... the precipitous drop in participation.

I'm aware of only one other site (there're certainly others) that attempts to emulate Oasis: It is a totally disordered mess... and nothing there even pretends to polite discussion of serious issues such as appear here.

Spam and inconsiderate comments are rampant there...

But Jeff is quite vigilant in ensuring that what spam does appear here on Oasis is assured of a very short life. And... it's my view that most Oasis contributors are polite and considerate of others' feelings...

So... what's happening?

Oasis is a gem! It would truly be sad to see it just fade away... :(

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Yeah. I hate it when Oasis

Yeah. I hate it when Oasis goes through a slow phase. Fortunately, it shall pass.

I thought almost every computer had some form of Word already installed in it. This is odd to me. Isn't there something like Word that you can download online?

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I have this excuse. College is pretty much taking very much of time and I simply haven't been able to write as much as I'd like to as I used to. I may write an entry since I have time right now. Just letting you know I'm still here. ;-)