Blood on the Dance Floor has taken my heart again. <3

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Yes, again. And this song, and the video, they're both amazingepicness.

Very catchy. I fucking love these guys.

Not much happened today in the way of school. Fell asleep in Geometry, got gum on my fucking textbooks (whoops x_x), and I'm opening a fake Mexican restaurant in History for a project, with Q and DD (New people need new nicknames :D) Neither of them are people I'll mention outside of this project, they aren't over hot like LockerNeighbor or JH (Remember him? He either graduated or left. He was so fucking cute too >.>)

I would love to be scene. That would be nifty. Just lose a shitton of weight, get my hair colored and shit, get freaky contacts (Which I want anyways they have a shitton of contacts. :D). And I guess I look good with eyeliner on :3...go figure.

You've got me bewitched, cuz' I'm under your spell.

Love it so much...

Life's iight right now. :D

EXCEPT WHAT I JUST REMEMBERED. Mom and I were talking and I was telling her a story, and went to quote someone, and didn't change my voice AT ALL, she goes "So he sounds like a fag?" and I go "No....that's my normal voice, but thanks." >.> Dumbfuckingcuntfacedsonofabitch.

K, I'm done now :D'

Byyeee guuissee,