College, P II

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College is awesome in so many respects. Last journal I wrote about budding relationships, dating and reinventing (or portraying ones self differently). But, aside from that, I really love my classes. I'm taking BioCore, Chem, Calc, my Honors College class and another Honors College class. 15 credits for my first semester. And so far I love all of my classes. Well, I only sort of like chemistry, and I actually don't like calculus. There's just this one annoying girl in my calculus class that bugs the shit out of me. She talks in a dumb voice (like, the girl sounds stupid when she opens her mouth) and she relates everything to her previous educational experiences. Connections are wonderful, I mean it. But most need to be thought of individually, and not allowed. I don't care about dumb fucking anecdotes. Sorry. Chem? It's just a lecture. Blehhh.

But biology is wonderful. We started right off, which is fantastic. I hate when teachers decide to diddle around for the first two weeks of a class. But, mine just jumped right on in. On the second day of class, we talked about hydrogen bonding, and today we talked about carbon chemistry and functional groups. Sooooo awesome.

And my honors college class isn't terrible. It's a high level english class, essentially. So we actually read good literature and we talk about literature in a thoughtful way. And instead of being led to the answer like sheep, we make connections and uncover hidden truths (with a lowercase t!) ourselves. It's nice to be treated like an adult haha. Plus my professor really likes me, I think.

BUT! THE WEEKEND'S HERE! And I'm sooooo excited! I'm gonna party it up with my friend tonight for her birthday, and go to a bbq with cute boy Logan. He even went vegetarian today for me (just for today though, he made sure to specify that haha)! I'll probably party it up that evening too =)