confused about my feelings

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HI i came out a few years ago about being bi-sexual. all my friends at school have accepted it. i have a boyfriend now and he knows but i like a gril at the same time. Im really cinfused about what to do because i think i like her more than him but he is trying to pressure me into doing things and im scared also that if we break up my friends will choose sides. Also if we break-up and i try to go out with this girl what if she rejects me? Please help me. Im so confused

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Need a bit more...

It'd help if you could provide a little personal info/history on your "accounts" page. btw... this page can be accessed only by other members... like yourself!

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This doesn't really seem to be about bisexuality, though.

Seems like you have to question what you want here. An idealized other will often seem better than an actual partner. It doesn't sound like you know her that well, even to the point where you wouldn't be leaving him for her, only the chance of her.

So, the real question is... do you still want to be with him? Take her out of the equation entirely, and answer that. You're looking elsewhere, he is pressuring you (not sure to do what, you didn't say)... so, is he the guy for you? If not, then she doesn't matter at all.

Also, you seem to want to make decisions without consequences (if you break up, you may lose friends; if you break up, she may not want you), which isn't reality. When you do something, other things happen. But the important thing to remember is you sometimes have to make major decisions without questioning these things. If the decision feels right, then you proceed and see what happens.

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