Confused about sexuality

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Hi, I'm new to this site and this is my first post. I've been questioning my sexuality since I was seven. I've never had any crushes on any boys before but I think I've had a crush on a girl before. I thought about her all the time and enjoyed spending time with her. She's also really cute. I've gotten nervous around her before. She's likes another girl so I'm trying to get over this "crush" or whatever this is. Gay porn really turns me on, but lesbian porn doesn't really turn me on. Am I lesbian, bi or straight?

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Hi and welcome.

First off,welcome to Oasis from the old man on here. Most on this site are WAY younger than I am...I guess you might say I am one that will give out advise since I do that for a living in the world out here.
Ok now that I got that out of the way lets look at what information you gave. You are a female who has a "possible crush" on another girl and you think that since Lesbian porn does not turn you on something is wrong....NOPE>.>NADA....WRONG....Simply because it does not turn your crank does not mean a darn thing. AND since you like GAY porn again does not mean a thing ether ( send me what you got LOL oops no don't )
Many a str8 guy loves to watch two girls get it on, as does many a str8 girl like to watch two guys get it on. So its normal....that said, the crush is next.
It too is normal....every one has a crush on some one at some time in their lives....some more than one. If you feel this girl is right for you ...great...since she is seeing some one would not be nice if you and she were the couple and some one tried to break you up so ...keep your distance in that remain her friend however.
AND keep you eye open for others that might strike your fancy.
Now are you str8, gay, or bi....hummm....every one is born bi but prefer one or the other in their lives. So you are bi....which sex you want to be with is up to you not us. No one can say or tell you which you are, other than you yourself. Which ever you are happy with is the correct answer. Today is a girl named Karen...tomorrow its that cute guy week is that wonderful chick Susan at the grocery month its Chad from the Basket ball team...and so on. Most people will settle on that which they feel the most comfortable with. So do not worry about it. Let it happen when and where it should happen. And when your done with Chad send him to me...LOL..Just kidding mind you.
Again welcome to Oasis and you can PM me at anytime for any reason if you want to talk about any subject.

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