Confusing Circumstances

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So I figure I'll write about this thing that happened on Friday since I finally remembered it. I must have been blocking this out of my head since it was such a headache, and still is. I'll have to start from the beginning and this is in which I feel I'm in my own living sitcom. I swear that all the insane shit happens to me sometimes but maybe this too is a test.

So on Friday I was outside one of the buildings one of my classes is in. I was reading the Holy Biblia and out of nowhere this cute guy whom I've seen before asked me if I'd have time later to study some Math. I agreed to meet up with him later that day. We even exchanged numbers. Then he gave me a card and I realized what was happening.

"Share your testimonial of the Lord Jesus Christ", it was a YouTube, facebook project. I didn't know what to say and he left abruptly after my receiving of the card. I was stunned, he thought I was a Christian. I've never been at such a loss as to what to do. I didn't know if he was Islamophobic or even Homophobic.

I was too fooled into his looks and his coy personality. I discussed the matter with some of my classmates before my class started and I decided to come out of my Islamic closet. So I met up with him later and I decided to be open and honest. It was a big mistake to say the least and now we're both hurt. If only I were a Christian, maybe then we could be friends.

Anyway here are the details, I was reading my Qur'an at the time we met up again. I stashed it into my bag quicly not knowing whether it was better to let him see me with it or if I should forget about telling him at all. But living a lie is one thing, and having someone like you is definately another. I took it out once more deciding against having him like me for being something I'm not.

He asked me about it and I thought this would create a nice dialogue. I hoped for too much though, he asked me why I was a Muslim and I told him it was what made sense to me. He then asked me more questions on why I wasn't believing in Jesus being the son of God. I told him it didn't make sense to me and therefore I didn't believe.

Then he said there is so much proof and he was quoting verses out of the New Convenant (New Testament) and he was really trying to get me to see things from his point of view which wasen't working. I tried to tell him I was all for Christianity but I just didn't believe it was my path. Then he wanted to make a debate out of it.

I snapped and told him straight up, "All I wanted was a friend". It was a little awkward after that. I decided to leave the one of his friends came over and introduced himself. His friend then pryed into what we were discussing and soon his friend was saying stuff about how Jesus is God and the all the standard arguments and everything else.

"If I go into your house and make a cake you can't say the cake doesn't exist because it's right there", I had to put up with that. He was using that to prove Jesus was the son of God. And I wasen't saying that he wasen't. All I said was that I didn't believe Jesus was the son of God. That's ehat started all the trouble. All because I wanted to read the Bible in public.

I'd rather be called a Desert Rat for reading the Holy Qur'an than being mistaken for a Christian for reading the Holy Bible. To think this cute guy turned it all into a case of me calling his religion illogical when all I said was "I don't believe Jesus is the son of God". I didn't ask him about his religion and I didn't want to be asked about mine.

I just thought if I told him the truth about myself he might cut out his wanting of me to testify the glory of the LordJesus Christ. Lesson learned.

I thought to myself when I walked away "And the Muslim learned his lesson that he should never tell anyone about himself. It will only lead to misunderstanding among the others and misery for his self."


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Many people...

Find it threatening that other people believe differently, and prefer to surround themselves where they can feel comfortable in their own echo chamber. So, I'd just spin it around and say that his faith isn't strong enough to be challenged by conflicting views. Why take on his baggage?

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (

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I think I still have some infatuation going on. I keep trying to write stuff on this comment and it keeps going back to I think he's so cute and shit. I think I need to relax. I have no idea why I was instantly infatuated with him.