DADT is repealed...

Now that it is OK to be openly gay in the US military, there have already been gay marriages and other events our LGBT troops have been having.

This soldier came out to his father over the phone from Germany:

Part two:


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So, I watched this video

So, I watched this video this morning on my moms computer (with InPrivate browser on, derp herp derp) and I was positive I exited out of the page before leaving, but I just looked over like 2 minutes ago and saw mom watching this on her computer, I walked over casually to see what webpage it was, and OMG IT WAS YAHOO >.> S'yeah, I think she knows.
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Fuckin love the video. Looked at this guy's channel, he's so awesome. That's the first video he showed his face in :P

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this video is...

this video is so touching,just the way his dad responds and how chill he is about it shows you how much he cares about his son and i love how the dad tells him he needs to watch his drinking, i laughed at the october fest comment/part <3 love it ,love it LOVE IT!

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Once again,

there were some weird ass comments (on this video on YouTube) that freaked me out... They weren't gay bashing though, they were pretty messed up though.

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There is a reason I embed YouTube videos and don't link people to go there. ;-)

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it didn't seem to dampen my curiosity, lol. But yes it's a good idea to not post a direct link for those who aren't as curious as I.

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You (and Jeff) obliged me to go and look for myself... and, I must agree... some of the comments were quite offensive!


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The dad handled the

The dad handled the situation better than my dad has. He actually threatened to disown me AND break my legs if I was gay. Hasn't said either one for a long time but I still think he repressed it all. My mom has no idea that I'm gay but I don't think she would disown me. After all she DID walk out on my dad, sister, and me. But she might take it a bit better since she is a bit more laid back.

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