Diversity Speech In My German Highschool.. Gay & American?!

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1.So for my English class in school (don't know why I have to take it...) I'm supposed to my a short speech on diversity in America. And I have a lot to say about that. I'm planning to mention LGBT rights in my speech, but I'm nervous. As an black american, who speaks very little German on top of that, I've gotten some pretty questions, and quite a few stares.. like this morning I walked into school, minding my own buisiness, and like everyone in the halls stopped talking and stared at me. And of course, I, being the awkward social butterfly that I am, I procceeded to simultaneously wave and trip.... but anyways, I'm nevous.What if being gay, black, and American is pretty much the same as being green, polka-dotted and martian? Now that I think about it, I'm not that worried. I'm different. Even in America, I'm different. Maybe even more so. But every one is. And if some people choose not to accept me for that, well.. it's er their choice. But I absolutely refuse to hide who I am.
2. On another note, the girl in my Philosophy and History class.. she's soooo cute. Really, she has long blonde hair and a really interesting face (I don't know how else to say it) And she's just awesome. On the second day of school, it was so cool, I had been hopelessly daydreaming about her lovely, lovely face, when she came up to me and with her hands jammed in her pockets and started talking in this adorable broken English with a really husky, deep voice, while, and I didn't understand what she said but I nodded because I was thrilled she spoke to me. And in Philosophy class, she sits on the other side of the room, but every morning she looks over and smiles at me ;) Today it was hilarious, there were maybe 5 people in the hallway, and she was runnng and making apish noises... I don't know why but I guess if your that cute it's acceptable. Unfortunately, she has a boyfriend. Admittedly, I'm jealous, but he's a nice guy. And even if she didn't have a boyfriend, I wouldn't know what to do. Flirting is not even something I attempt at, anymore. So many cute and intersting people, and the best I can do is not to be completely obvious when I ogle in Philosophy class. What's worse is that this girl stares back. Now that, I absolutely can't deal with. She tips her head towards me and smiles,and sometimes even looks at me when I'm not looking at her with her boyfriend, Mr. Nice Guy (he really is!) sitting next to her . So then I feel doubly bad, for being caught staring at her face, and yeah, also, her impressive body, and also for my latent jealousy towards her boyfriend. And it's even worse when she's smiling and staring at me, because then I just completely freak out, even though I know it's most likely just in a friendly way, or I look particularly funky on said occasion.
So, in conclusion, the possible solutions are obvious:
1. I must don my suit of armor and challenge her beau for milady's honor.
2. I will politely ask her to wear a paper bag and a burka during Plhilosophy and history class, explaining my attraction to her and her extremely accomodating boyfriend.
3. I'll deal with it in a non-ridiculous way, such as finding something else to distract me during class, like, I don't know, the teacher. Meeh.


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I say...

Challenge the duel, but lose.
Good luck with the speech... sorry I don't have any suggestions there.