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So, my friend Helpful Senior and I go to my mom's friend's house after school on Tuesdays. She has this art class thing that's mostly for younger kids, but we go and paint too and occasionally help control the kids. There's us, a sophomore from another school, and then a bunch of under-12s. I really like a few of the kids. Some of the kids creep me out, though. There's this set of 6-or-7-year-old twins who are, like, sickeningly sweet and perfect. They never talk to anyone except each other, and when they did talk to me and Helpful Senior, they said things like, "Oh, we don't follow our hearts. We listen to Jesus and our parents," and they looked appalled that I told Helpful Senior that something was "stupid," and then they went into some spiel about how their mommy said bad words were bad.

But there's this one kid I have to tell you guys about. She doesn't necessarily creep me out, but the first time I saw her, I did not believe she was really there and thought that I might simply be losing it. I mean, it sure as hell wouldn't surprise me. (I mean, dude, this morning, I forgot how to put gas in my car and just sat in the parking lot of the gas station and cried...) But she was real. I would say she's somewhere around 10-12. I don't remember her name. I think it was some weird hippie name. I haven't talked to her much, but if I look away from her direction for a moment and turn back, I see it every single time. Every. Single. Time. And each time, it becomes more and more glaringly obvious.

What is it, you ask? Well, the fact that she looks EXACTLY like a mini FCG. Like... 110% dead-ringer. I am not exaggerating even a little. FCG once showed a picture of herself at that age, and I swear there is absolutely no difference between her at 12 and this girl. Oh, this girl's smile is different than FCG's. That's about it, though. Everything else? IDENTICAL. Even their noses are sort of similar, and FCG's nose is like, I dunno, her unique feature. Something about it is... weird... but not really in such a way that it detracts from her appearance, and it's only if you're looking at her from certain angles.

Last week, I just figured it was part of the whole "everyone looking like FCG" phenomenon I've been experiencing. But no, this kid legitimately looks like a little FCG. Of course, this means she has a massive chance to turn out absolutely beautiful when she's older, but right now, it just makes me kind of sad 'cause I think about FCG... I was kind of hoping for Helpful Senior to notice, but I don't think she's seen the picture of preteen FCG, so she can't really compare them.

Speaking of FCG, she has facebook again. Judging by her posts, she seems to be feeling better. I'm glad. I need to talk to her soon... I just never know when a good time to do it is. I mean, obviously the last couple times I tried were NOT good times. I miss her so much. Like I said, I still think every tall blonde girl is FCG...

In other news, my cat has fleas again, and my sister has reached a new level of brattiness. On Sunday, my dad asked me to go bowling with him, his girlfriend, and my bratsister. I said okay. I really, really suck at bowling, so I was excited when I made a strike. I said, "Oh, yay, I made a strike!" and then went on with my life. Brat Sister, however, threw herself down on the floor and started screeching that I had "bragged to her" and "was being mean" by making a strike. What the actual fuck? She then proceeded to cry because she didn't win at an arcade machine. She was fine on the ride home, but as soon as we got home, she cried to my mom for an hour.

Also, the study hall teacher dude is an elitist fuckbag, and it's so annoying. You know those people who are just total snobs about music? He's one of those guys. If he doesn't like it, it's not "real" music. He ONLY likes one type of music, which is metal. I can't really understand how something isn't "real music" just because some guy doesn't like it. This guy is a high school music teacher right out of college. Obviously he is like, THE authority on music.

I mean, I don't like country music, for example, but that doesn't mean it's not "real." All it means is I don't like it... I guess I just can't imagine how there is only one "real" type of music and everything else is shit.

I dunno. He had that "pretentious fuckass" look on his face as he was talking, so it pissed me off. Anyway, I'm gonna go try to make sense of this sciencey crap before the test tomorrow. Ugh, I hate that class. I haven't enjoyed a science class since, like, 8th grade, and even then, it was only because I spent it goofing off with the girl I liked back then. I honestly can't think of any subject that interests me less... I would even rather do math because it's more straightforward. I mean, someone's gotta do sciencey stuff, but that someone is just not me.

ALSO ONE MORE THING. I sent the crappiest paper ever to my badass English teacher. I am soooo ashamed. :'( It's so funny; I hate school and couldn't give half a shit about nearly all my classes, but I got mad today because some girl was trying to get me to draw something for her during English! I actually have a desire to do my English work. Hahaha. It's so weird because it's never been like that.