Family Drama Attack Mode!! :O

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Okay, so yeah. My sister is pregnant. Again. Like, she's 20 years old, and a year ago she was pregnant, and she wanted to keep it, but she was living at home, and mom made her abort it. But she's pregnant again with a different guy, and she's keeping it this time, so Mother is kicking her out of the house and taking her off of the insurance. GoFuckingFigure. I was told that "she thinks she was pregnant" Last Sunday, and Monday she took me to school and told me that she took a test and she definitely is. The whole week, she told almost everyone except for Mom (Which I do not blame her for, it's probably how my coming out will be) and when she went to tell mom, she danced around the fact that she might be. Then my mom fucking tricked her into thinking I showed her the facebook conversation that had her telling me she was, so I got yelled at by my sister on the phone 2 feet away from my mom, and then Sister went "Just tell me...does she know I'm pregnant?"


Blackberry phones are very loud.
Mom blew the fuck up, I've never seen her so asdfghjkl raging before. ~_~ Sister has packed up some stuff and is in the process of getting an apartment with her Baby Daddy, but I don't really know how I feel about this. Sister said that if she went along with the abortion like Mom wanted, she'd get her tubes tied, and no more grandchildren ever, unless I choose to adopt.
We (sister, father, and I) were at Bob Evans eating lunch and my sister told dad that if she had to abort it she's getting her tubes tied, and she TOLD him that Mom wouldn't get any Grandchildren, and dad's like "Well unless Chris has any." and sister said "Well I dunno, mom already thinks you're gay." and I was just like " O_O OMG SISTER JUST STFU." xD
But either way she said she's marrying this man, so mom won't be happy either way because it's a family she doesn't like. >.> I thought the first few nights, she was going to kill herself, she was so fucking upset. Like, wouldn't talk or eat or come out of bed upset. Suicide and Manic-Depressive runs in our family, on my mom's side nonetheless, so yeah. I'm scared to tell her I'm gay. And scared as to what she's gonna do about this whole thing. She said a few days ago that she plans on going off the deep end, which will involve drinking and a lot of men xD Yeah right.

I just dunno. I would loooovveee to move out. Anyone want me? :||


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WHOA. Wait a minute. Hold

WHOA. Wait a minute. Hold up.

Isn't your mom a super mega Christian? And she supports abortion? How can this be? Also, could she really "force" your sister to abort the child? I mean, she can't technically drag your sister to the clinic and strap her down, can she?

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she was 19 but forced to get an abortion? Your sister was already legally an adult and could have kept the child but probably be kicked out of your household yes? I see no logic your mother could have used to justify making your sistert abort, it's terrible really. And also I was thinking what radiosilence95 was thinking as well...

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drama attack

wow your mom is really serious!! I think if u don't have to come out to her just yet don't wait till u can help yourself... I don't mean giving your self a bath by that. Till u have a job or something like that