First day of class

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Yup. College classes begin today; I've had two of them already. I don't know whether I'm behind or not - my roommates have been doing homework since at least yesterday and I haven't even gotten all my books yet, but at least I know some of the material and I'm pretty sure that many if not most people are even further behind than I am.

I do need to print some things before three o'clock today and I have no idea how to do that, as my computer apparently doesn't like my roommate's printer and the library's printers apparently don't like my computer... or me... basically the library won't even let me use the internet... yeah. So I'm going to have to go figure that out at some point pretty soon.

Also my bicycle has problems. I don't need it to get between classes, which is good, but I do need it if I go off campus, like to downtown or home, and it would be nice if I could use it without having the chain either fall off, or get jammed, or some combination thereof, forcing me to get my hands coated in sticky black grease... This on top of the fact that I can barely ride a bicycle even when it does function properly - I swear, if there were some licensing test for bicycling like there is for driving a car, I would fail. Further support for the idea that I may never get a driver's license.

My roommates think I'm straight. I don't know how they can think that, what with me being such a crossdresser and all, but I heard Leah telling her boyfriend that she thought there were no lesbians on our floor. I don't know why I don't just tell them - I haven't even been that open about using the guys' bathrooms. The whole guys'-bathrooms thing is going fine, but only the guys who don't know that I sleep in the girls' wing know about it, so they all just think I'm one of them, cis. And I notice that I've been passing less well than usual recently, despite the name transition. I don't know why.

Yesterday I sort-of told my mom about going by Avity. When I went home to do laundry, I showed her some pictures of dorm stuff like my room and roommates and new-friends-down-the-hall. One of the pictures was the little whiteboard outside my room, with the super nerdsy battle and the names 'Leah + Zephyr + Avity' (well, Leah and Zephyr are codenames, but you get the idea), and then I had to explain why it said Avity, and yeah, I sort of lied. 'Well, there were two people named (my given name) in my Wowie group, so to avoid confusion I put Avity on my nametag, you know, like MacAvity, like 24-Hour Relay, and then Leah saw it on my nametag and she thought it was the coolest name, so she changed it on the whiteboard. And she's been calling me that sometimes... kind of a lot... and so have other people.' Not what actually happened, but far more acceptable than 'I asked them to call me that.'

Blah blah blah blah....

I'm going to have to write a paper on something about insects. Insects are cool but I don't know what specific thing I'd like to write four or five pages about. And I don't know how to move that 'about' to a more grammatically acceptable part of the sentence.

Up at the Architecture place where we hiked in the middle of the night last week, and again in the middle of the morning yesterday, there's a really cool house that I can't describe at all but it's fantastic. And everyone who goes there (I think) has brief daydreams of fixing it up and living in it. And if you think about it for too long, you realize that you'd need to be educated as a plumber and an electrician and maybe a carpenter and a glazier and maybe even some other things as well, and then the daydream works backwards several years until you're pursuing a completely different education in your mind than you signed up for in real life. And then you resign yourself to 'Meh, I'm majoring in Biology and I have no idea how to fix a house, alas, alas.'

Yesterday there was a sort of faire of all the clubs on campus... I signed up for more information for more of them than I had thought, like fencing and the Rose Float and at least one queer group - I'm not sure whether the two or three queer booths right next to each other were affiliated or not.

Blah blah blah blah.... Off to go see if I can print these things now....


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about your bicycle problems. Have you considered taking public transportaion? I've only paid $30 for a student bus pass good for a full semester. Maybe you might find a similar bus pass opportunity.