Flaming Bags of Poop Think You're Hot

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I think this weird guy likes me. He's not, like, super annoying or anything, just slightly creepy and also gives off a slight "one day I will shoot you all" vibe. I have almost every class with him. I'm not friends with him and don't usually talk to him, but I can tolerate him. But it's really awkward because I have zero attraction to dudes.

I got all mad at him for putting trash in a donut box that still had donuts in it, and one of my friends laughed and said I was a germophobe. Then, the guy laughed too and grabbed my shoulder and put his arm around me and said, "That's okay, I still like you!" It was really weird. I just said, "Umm... Okay? Thanks, I think?"

If he does like me, he'll get over it eventually. After all, he's liked the vast majority of the 11th grade girls. I just don't want him touching me anymore. >:(

There was a pep rally at school on Friday. Ugh, I hate those things. (School spirit? What the fuck is that?) At least they aren't after school anymore like they were when I was in 9th grade. This year and last year they just scheduled them to take up the last 30 minutes of school... But they are soooo hot and sweaty and gross. Also, no one cheers except, like, 2 sophomore guys that scream at the top of their lungs. I'm looking at one of my friend's pictures of the pep rally, and the people in the backgrounds are hilarious. They're just sitting there all bored and stuff. And we only have one hot cheerleader! That's shitty! I would leave, but they're mandatory, and there's this random old man patrolling the parking lot and making sure no one dares go home.

Friday wasn't all bad, though. My car got out of the shop! Oh, and this HOT girl asked me to take a picture of her and her friend... and she knew my name! Hahaha. It's too bad she's a senior; soon I won't be able to gaze upon her sexiness anymore. Same with the lone hot cheerleader. It's going to suck so much when the seniors leave, because once they do, I won't know of any hot girls at school anymore. Seriously. I don't even know anyone who is currently a freshman, and most of the sophomores and other juniors aren't amazingly attractive. We'd better get some hot new girls. >:(

Dude, as much as I love girls, I honestly think Sophomore likes guys even more than that. I'm not even sure if that's possible, because I looooove women, but seriously, she is OBSESSED with dudes. No, beyond obsessed! She told me out of nowhere all about how she likes to go to random places, like church and Walmart, just to stalk guys she finds hot.

Also, during the pep rally, my friend and I begged our English teacher to come sit with us, and she actually did! She said, "Umm, this is probably the only time that I've ever heard of students begging a teacher to sit with them."

But it's not like we had anyone else to sit with. One of our mutual friends is a cheerleader, one has tons of other friends to sit with, one was taking pictures for the yearbook with the good camera, and the others are seniors (We have to sit separated by grade). Besides, our English teacher is suuuuper cool. We like her more than almost all of the other students. Haha. She would totally be in our group if she were 20 years younger. This sophomore guy made fun of us for sitting with her, though. Fuck him; his brother is a total douchebag.

She told us all about how she HATED pep rallies in high school. She also told us about how she loves art, and my friend said, "OH, SUPER DUCK IS GOOD AT ART!" and I got all shy because I'm actually not all that great. Hahaha.

I love Mrs. English Teacher. Sometimes I wish she could be my mom or something. She is amazing. Even when she's mean to us, she's still nicer than all of my other teachers combined.

Oh, my god, Amber Heard is going to be in a new TV show. I don't even know what it's about, but I really don't care because it involves her dressed like this, so I'm going to watch it regardless. She is SOOOO sexy.

Also, I'm not the only stupidly lame person in the universe. This girl who is, like, normally allll over FCG posted on Facebook that she missed her. FCG asked why she never calls or texts her, and the girl said, "I'm too scared because you always lose your phone, so I never know if you'll answer or not."

MY LIFE IN ONE SENTENCE. For some reason, this makes me feel tons better.

My mom told her boyfriend I'm gay. I actually prefer it when she tells people for me, because I feel awkward just saying it out of nowhere. He was okay with this but also very surprised by it. Hahaha. I've been lucky so far, though. All 3 of her boyfriends after my dad have accepted this fact. It makes me wonder if my dad has ever told his girlfriend, though. Sometimes I get the impression he doesn't think I'm for serious about this, but then I figure that maybe he just doesn't want me to be a sexual human being and would react the same even if I was talking about a dude. I mean, that's a dad thing, I think. Most dads I know are sort of like that about their daughters. I do always tell him when I like a new girl, though, because I think he needs to get used to the idea. (I did "conveniently" leave out the part about FCG being 18. Hahaha.)

Anyway, my mom and sister just got home from my mom's boyfriend's house. They were planning to stay for "a weekend" but my sister missed a week and a half of school. They stayed that long... I enjoyed having the house to myself, though. My mom said that my sister was a mega brat the entire time and even started BEATING THE HELL OUT OF HER yesterday. Maybe NOW she'll finally see what an awful child she has produced!

What the fuck? My sister has gone on some anti-teeth brushing tirade and refuses to ever brush her teeth, EVER. I mean, I hate brushing my teeth too. It's icky. But stinky breath is even ickier!

I'm going to teach the little brat how to play Pokemon. I've been playing LeafGreen, so I gave her my Emerald version so we can battle. Maybe that will give her something to do besides destroy everything ever. It will also be mega satisfying to kick her ass in Pokemon! I've got almost 12 years of experience in Pokemon, and she has NONE! Muahahaha! Bow to me, whiny little bitch!


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Why thank you :D

Why thank you :D

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Emerald, huh?

Her whole team: Wailmers and Wailords.
That's redick!

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Hahaha yes! Wailord, meet

Hahaha yes!

Wailord, meet Jolteon. >:3 She's gonna be pissedddd!

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Emerald ftw!

I recently found my Emerald versiom two months ago, finally finished it. And now I seem to have lost it again. lol

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I lost my Emerald for a

I lost my Emerald for a while too... I didn't have a file on it that was very far, though, so I let my sister have it. Now I just need to find my link cable and the GBA SP so I can kick her ass. :P