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Hey so the new school year is up and running and so is my lovely GSA! As the founder and president I'm in charge of running events, seeing as no teachers wants to help us out, and I was wondering if anybody on here had some ideas for events!
So far I've decided on doing the Clothesline Project and actually having a NOH8 photoshoot so if anybody could give me some more ideas I would be really appreciative! :D


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When I had a GSA we made

When I had a GSA we made ribbons for AIDs Awareness day in December, sold cookies at the pre-exam study sessions and gave the profits to the local youth shelter, and brought in a speaker from the university to educate the staff about sexual minorities and gender varients and what to be aware of as educaters. We also did a Pride display at the front of the school with pictures and biographies of queer people throughout history.

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That sounds terrific! I want

That sounds terrific! I want to do so many things like that! Thank you for the brilliant ideas!