Hate double-journalling, but I have happy positive things to say

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My roommates are so wonderful. This evening we had to write up a 'Roommate Agreement,' like a contract wherein we agree on policies regarding using each other's stuff and letting other people into the room and so forth, but we treated it partly seriouswise and partly as a total joke. Like we decided that we would solve all conflicts that might arise by 'LIGHTSABER DUEL!' mediated by the Resident Adviser, who must be wearing a black cloak. And now we can't wait to have any problems so we can take our lightsabers and black-cloaked Jimmy out to the lawn and have an awesome battle.

Also on the Roommate Agreement there were five silhouettes - three guys and two girls - and the third guy looked exactly like me. It was kind of cool, 'cause it was a silhouette - it would have been kind of creepy if it had looked like me and been an actual picture with colors and a face and stuff, but it wasn't.

And I had to write in at least one place on the Agreement and also on our little whiteboardy-type-thing-for-writing-notes-to-roommates 'I AM NOT DEAD!' because at least twice now my roommates have greeted my return to the room with 'EEEEEEeeeeeee! We thought you were DEAD!' Er.... I was in the Study Lounge. Right, like, two doors away. I'm never dead. I appreciate the concern, but... I'm not dead. I'm never dead. Stop assuming I'm dead.

Only-slightly-relatedly, I and the Doctor Stalker in the next room (yeah, there are even more of them than just Amy) have vague intentions of determining the relationship between tea-drinking and Doctor-Stalkery, because there does seem to be some correlation. In our hall, as far as we know, all the Doctor Stalkers drink tea, while all the unindoctrinated prefer coffee. So... maybe the invasion is more indirect than I thought! Maybe they're not indoctrinating us all to make us surrender joyfully when they show up with their silly accents and their blue boxes of conquest; maybe they're trying to indoctrinate us so that we'll all drink tea, and then.... I don't know. But the Empire was built on tea, it was lost over tea, and perhaps it intends to be regained by tea.

Also - have I told you lot about Grandolph? Grandolph is the gnome who lives in the door across from us. Well, not in the door, but behind it. 'Cause we don't know what's behind that door, so we just decided it was a gnome named Grandolph. Grandolph used to live in Yugoslavia, but then Yugoslavia stopped being a place, so Grandolph couldn't live there anymore, so he came here, and built his own Yugoslavia behind that door. Kind of like Quintus living in the closet of the Latin classroom at my high school. And that's the kind of silliness that these fantastic people, with whom I now live, invented on the very first day of being here.

Apostrophe! You guys are awesome. Zephyr, Amy, Jimmy, all the rest of you lot, and especially Leah. You're fantastic.