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I've always kind of wanted to send a telegram, just for the sake of having sent a telegram. I don't know whether it's even possible; still, I'd like to try, someday. But I did just send a text message (yeah, it's been unavoidable - but I did make it all the way to college without ever having sent one) in telegram-speak because I don't know how to make punctuation (it was hard enough learning how to make letters, spaces, and especially capital letters). Somebody had asked whether I was going downtown with her tomorrow evening or whether I had gotten the class I was trying to get for that timeslot. My response was something like

Yeah I got the class stop No Farmerapostrophes Market for me this quarter stop

I know spelling out 'apostrophe' is just silly and that I could have left it out, but whatever. I'd rather be ridiculous than drop an apostrophe just because I don't know how to make punctuation.

In other, similarly geeky news, I dug my R2D2 (which my dad and I made when I was in seventh grade, as a prop for the truly terrible Star Wars movie my thirteen-year-old self was making) out of my closet and smuggled it to my dorm in my giant bag of laundry, and now there's this big R2D2 on top of my wardrobe.

Also I'm making a really big Periodic Table in my corner of the room. It wraps through the corner, and has the lanthanides and the actinides (okay, why is it that the spellchecker recognises 'actinides' but not 'lanthanides') in their proper place rather than below the rest of the table, where they're usually placed. It's going to be pretty awesome. And it's totally distracting me from my studies - when I'm crafting a Periodic Table it makes me feel like I'm working on chemistry, even though I'm not actually accomplishing anything toward, y'know, finishing my homework or learning stoichiometry. Blast you, spellchecker, 'stoichiometry' is totally a word. As is 'lanthanides.'


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Actually, it is possible to

Actually, it is possible to send telegrams. I'm pretty sure there are companies that will deliver them for you. Receiving a telegram would be a bajillion times more exciting than receiving a text message.