HELP! Should i come out to my parents??

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Hi all I'm new here
iv known i was gay since childhood, only KNEW about 3 years ago
and well, now i want to tell my parents...
This is the most scared iv been in a very long time,
I don't know what i should do, I mean, I REALLY want to be free to be me,
but what if telling them makes sure i can definitely not be myself?
My friends all know and are cool with it, my sister knows, I'm out to everyone but my parents, Who are the strict Afrikaans Christian type(South Africans will understand...)
I have a boyfriend, we've been dating for nearly 10 months now, he really doesn't want me to tell them, but I'm tired of having to make an excuse to see him, and I want to be able to bring him home, like my sister brings her boyfriend home.
I know my parents at least suspect it, my gran(who lives with us) almost definitely knows, unless shes super thick, which she isn't.
still, my admitting it may act as a license for them to cut me off from my bf and so on,
Whats worse is all this stress from wanting to come out or not is happening NOW, right before exams,
I really don't know what to do, alot of people say "wait 'till your out of the house" but that's how many years in the future!?

Please help me!!!

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No one can tell you...

...exactly how to handle this situation :(

No two circumstances are identical...

But I'll add that I hope all works out well... however you handle this stressful decision.

Have you checked the links in the Coming out tab at the top of the page?

And... Welcome to Oasis!

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Okay i finally am able to

Okay i finally am able to log in again, weird, okay I have decided to come out, got the dates and everything, am still working on the email i will send my dad AFTER i tell him, to help him through it you know,
I must say i am excited! I am prepared for rejection, but am remaining optimist, thanks guys :3

pray it all works out, kay?

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I have a feeling...

...that all will be fine.

I can sense your excitement! :)