I wish I had a sex blog.

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Welcome to your sporadic over sharers anonymous meeting!

I just wanna share some things with you guys. (:

Insomnia+Long term girlfriend=Waking her up with your hand in her panties because she fell asleep an hour ago and you're still wide awake. This is insomnia in it's most basic form. The long term girl is the important part of this. Because unless she loves you, she isn't going to wake up just to have a quick fuck.

The good news, is that she loves me. She woke up to my hand in her panties and now she's back asleep and we're both satisfied.

Is it just me, or do other people have trouble falling asleep unless they cum? It's not an all the time thing, but its enjoyable none the less.

The girlfriend turned 18 last weekend. So we went to Portland to celebrate and wandered onto this beach on Sauvie Island. This GAY. NUDE. BEACH. And then we got naked and played in the water. (Not PLAY played...played. Like...non sexual play. Ladies need lube. Water is not so good for this.)

The next night, she bought her first strap on sans harness. My fellow strappers; what do you call this? I hate calling it a dong or a dildo. When we're together, and getting sexy, we call it a dick or sometimes a cock. Anyways, this particular item was for her pleasure. I'm not sure how I feel about harnessing up and sporting a dark purple, semi-metallic, phallic fuck tool. Our other one is pinkish. Same harness, different girl attached. Personally, I like to do a little dick dance prior to the down and dirty. This is what happens when a die hard femme straps up.

Except lately. I keep getting sucked into this show called Sex Change Hospital. Have you heard of it? I'm not sure I could trade my lady parts for a semi-functional part. But if I could just swap at will, my entire downstairs for a born-that-way penis. I think I just might. Short term. I refuse to believe anything can feel as good as the love her and I make. I just want to experience a few things. Like a blow job. Or...cumming and making a mess. Some how I don't think tit fucking my girl with my strap on is as good as the "real" thing. My imagination just isn't that good.

I'm not even sure what it is that I like so much about the transitioning concept. I like my boobs, my vagina, my dresses, MAC make-up and perfectly straightened blonde hair. I'm obsessed with hair products and sexy lingerie; Dior purses and shoes. I usually have acrylic nails even. I like china patterns and white houses on corner lots with picket fences and 2.5 kids. No mini vans here though please. Jeeps all the way. But I can't shake how much I enjoy it when I pull my hair back, bite my nails off, wash my car and know my way around the engine. I refuse to let gender norms define whether or not these things are okay. I can fix the car, computer and mow the lawn. I can also cook, clean and make babies. I like to clean I'd even vacuum in heels. I'll change my name to Donna Reed.

Sexuality is a fluid thing. At least according to Kinsey it is. I've never really stuck myself with a rigid label. But something about boobs and that girls' soaked panties just gets me going. I might as well stamp lesbian on my forehead.

Long story short: Happy quickie, had the writing bug, going to start my memoir this year; I love my Jeep, strapping on, cleaning and blue flower china patterns. I really wanna know what ftm/mtf coveredbypants parts look like. Does this make me insensitive? Probably. I love Pistol Annies and my girlfriend. We're moving to Portland in 9ish months. Hopefully I can visit home next weekend.



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i'd say that this was a very

i'd say that this was a very enjoyable post lol
haven't you ever had that "omg i have a penis" dream and pretty much do absolutely everything with it? i have and as much as it was kinda enjoyable in my dream...i'm not too sure how i would feel with a dangling thing between my legs but thats just me lol.

"i am who i am, so don't judge me for being myself"

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quickie: that is a big

quickie: that is a big reason that i wish my girlfriend and i were not long-distance.

when i strap on, my girlfriend and i also refer to it as my cock/dick. BUTHOWEVER we refer to my cunt as cock/dick, too. beccause i'm a little dysphoric about the whole vagina situation.

on trans* issues: the reason you don't understand the desire to transition is because you don't have it. it's not about what we like to do or wear. it's about our subconscious sex (the body our brains think we''re supposed to have) not matching our physical one.

also, if you want to see what post-op trans* folks look like, check out transbucket.com. you have to make an account but it's free.