Im here-I'm queer- New to Oasis Introduction

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Hello! I'm new to Oasis so here's an introduction: , I'm a lesbian. I knew the way I felt about other girls wwas different from the way they felt, but I guess it made sense last year when I had my first big, tragic crush on a girl from my soccer team. She was the first girl I wanted to.. umm.. frolic with.. (frolic is such a fun word!), but, unfortunately she was a crack-whore (pardon the language), and straight at that! Also a senior, she moved and I'll never see her again. This year I'm an exchange student in Germany, which is awesome! I don't know very much German so school''s tough and a little lonely, but for the most part people are nice to me. And there's this really cute girl who sits near me in Chemistry and Latin and helps me out... :) but I generally try to avoid crushing on girls who don't speak my language, and, well I'm 99.99% over the soccer girl but, still.. I'd rather not repeat it all on a different continent. That's all for now!


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New to Oasis

I'm here. I'm queer.

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Welcome to Oasis Journals! I hope you'll excuse the current inactivity on the website, usually this site really gets going around the evening or night. I hope you enjoy your time here. :-)

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Welcome. An exchange student

Welcome. An exchange student in Germany? I speak a bit of German, but not very well. Germany must be a fascinating place.

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Welcome to Oasis! I like your username....

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Wussuppp, welcome :P

The name's Shelby :] feel free to PM me if you need advice or someone to chat with!
That's redick!

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In Germany?

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interesting link, by the way... :)

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Go for it swimmer(piano)guy!

Apply! You can do it!


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This is absolutely great!

What do you feel helped you the most in gaining your scholarship?

In your application... were you totally open in acknowledging your orientation?

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My sexual orientation never came up in the application, but at my interview and at the language camp for those of us accepted, there were quite a few other students who were open about there sexuality, so I felt very safe and accepted!
To be honest, I feel that honesty was the best part of my application and interview. I was, of course, nervous when it came to my interview, but I tried to put that aside/ turn it into a positive attitude and have a sense of humor. Most of all I just tried to be myself, because leaving America for a year is a big step and it was important for me to not only make sure that I was a good fit for the program, but also, it was a good fit for me... sorry that was so long...