I'm not dead!

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Yes, I am still alive and doing my Oasis thing. I've been a little busy with college since my first class just flooded me with work that needs to be done in two months. It's not that bad really but I want to just try and do everything in a few shots rather than spend time spreading it out through weeks and losing some down time.

I've been feeling very well since I ended my second anti-biotics trial and I haven't heard from my doctor about my CAT results. I'm sure I'm fine though, thanks go out to everyone here who read my writings on body pain and junk. I've been continuing to push on and trying to achieve my goals and everything is turning out well for the most part now.

I have a problem right now but it's not serious. It's a shopping dilemma and I'm not sure what I want to buy. First there is a nice $22.00 facsimile copy of the semi original "King James Bible". Second there is a Musicians Gear skull tuner, $7.99. And third there is King James Version of the Apocrypha which is just the Deuterocanical books, $8.00.

I'd like to hear your feedback on that if you don't mind. Oh and if you don't mind reviewing Mr. Tano Pasman right here. I think has some high blood pressure. lol


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It's good to get your

It's good to get your assignments done early, you never know what else might come up!

What are you studying?

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I say get the special king

I say get the special king James bible, consider it an investment... Or more like I'm just not sure what a skull tuner is.