In which I learn the true meaning of Annoyance

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Preface: To those who have not read my recent journal from Monday I advise you to read that journal then read this one so as not to cause confusion about what I'm writing in this journal. End Preface. I now feel that I'm not in a sitcom but now I'm in some kind of crappy television drama in which I learn the true meaning of annoyance.

So yesterday I did decide to meet up with... oh, let's call him "Andre". And he was heading to class so it turns out his friend (whom I'll call "Manuel") decided to "Share the message of The Gospel" with me. Basically he told me no matter what we're all going to hell unless we let God punish Jesus (pbuh) and we walk away scratch free.

M started throwing analogies at me in which he implied that I was refusing to walk in the "right path" and if I were about to die "from, let's say stage 5 skin cancer" - M, "there isn't a stage 5" - me, that I would end up dying and going straight to hell. About a little less than an hour later A came over and sat on the bench next to M and I.

A was looking at me like "oh yeah he's hearing the word, he's gonna convert now!". It was a very smug look and for a second I could swear he was checking me out. Then M started to talk about sins "like homosexuality" - M, "I'm gay" - me. He then talked to me that there were 4 "reformed gays" attending my college.

"Yeah these guys are constatnly struggling through their homosexual thoughts, but all things are possible through God." - M
"Maybe because there's nothing wrong with them and they're being put through mental anguish because they were told that God discriminates and has a conventional love expectation of his people whom he created." -me

By this time A realized I wasen't buying into their failed conversion tactic. I left to go catch the bus. It was the end of that and I realized that they never wanted to be my friends in the first place as I'd thought Friday. All they wanted me for was to be a straight Christian so that I would convert others and spread the doctrines of man.

All because, all because I read a Holy Bible in public. I seriously thought college would be full of atheists and that secualrism was the majority. I was wrong and now I and some other people are thinking of reporting them [⒈] for solicitation. Of course I'm not going that far but I'm a Muslim and if they ever want to be my friend all they have to do is accept me as I am.

They never asked me questions about my religion and I never asked them about their religion. But yet they decided to try to convert me so I might think like they do. No, my friends all accept me for who and what I am. And if they can't accept me then they can go convert other people and make them their friends for I want no part of the friendship they're offering.

Just to clear this up, I don't mind Christians or any other religions except when they try to convert me against my will.


¹ - Andre and Manuel


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Yeah people like that annoy me.
I don't mind people being Christian (and even less with other religions) or displaying it or being proud of it or anything. I disagree, but that's different...
But the things that bother me are saying things like "I'm proud to love Jesus no matter what anyone thinks!" (like, come on, in America, Christianity, AKA loving Jesus is the rule, not the exception. Of maybe 85% of people I know are Christians, the rest are divided into Jews and Atheists mostly...)
Or open attempts at conversion that were driving you up the wall...

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The two things that really get under my skin: homophobia and religious people forcing their beliefs on everybody.

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i would have been really frustrated. its one thing to have an open flow of infromation with someone who belives differntley then you, but when its justa one way thing where they essentailey assualt you with their point of view, thats not cool. and the fact they double teamed you like that is also not to great. its like they were treating you like a battle to be won :/

"A loving man and woman in a committed relationship can marry. Dogs, no matter what their relationship, are not allowed to marry. How should society treat gays and lesbians in committed relationships? As dogs or as humans?"

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That is one of the worst ways to get double-teamed.

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (

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I believe so.

"its like they were treating you like a battle to be won"

What they didn't count on was my dedication and faith in Islam. If my theory on them is correct, they prey on the questioning and naïve (easiest to convert I suppose).