is it possible that i am bisexual?

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Hello to all

I used to have sex with man since 10 years , i am 33 years now , i have no experience with girls at all.
i am attracted to man in real life, their shape etc...
i am very straight acting and look rough and very masculine
the problem is that i am not enjoying sex with men
i watsh gay movie , i got excited but when it comes to reality , i am off with guys and rarely i feel excited in real sex with them.

i am asking myself now if it s possible that i am bisexual trying to explain my sexual behave.
in case it is possible that i am bisexual , i will go on and try sex with a girl.

so but the main question is : is it possible for a guy attracted to men , to feel excited in a sexual relationship with a women? as a matter of fact , is the explanation of what s happeneing with me , is that i am bisexual?
if the reply is yes (i wish it is) , i will go for a try ,

thanks a lot in advance for ur help

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You seem to describe bisexuality pretty clearly, so I'm unsure why there would be any reason that definition couldn't be applied to you? Straight people rarely wonder if they're gay/bi, so... give it a whirl, see what happens. If you like it, you have an answer. If you don't like it, you have an answer and a fun story.

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thx for ur reply , u r

thx for ur reply , u r completly right :)

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All u can do is try!

All u can do is try!

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yes, u r right , thank you

yes, u r right , thank you :)

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Try it you may like it...then again

It is not unusual for a person to like porn and get off on it and not when the real thing is sitting right next to them.
It is not unusual for some one to have the feelings you are having right now.
As you can see on here the advise runs mostly the same...try it ...if you like it you have your answer. If you don't like it...then don't worry....nothing ventured...nothing gained....but remember to wrap that wraskel at all times.
If this doesn't turn your crank you may be "Asexual" also....that is when some one is into sex only with them self and not others but may be excited by the thought of sex with others. Any way you are welcome here at Oasis...Jeff is your host...and a darn nice one at that. the rest of us here just help each other out as we can....that and chat a lot....LOL
Again welcome aboard matey

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