Random of Friday

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One of the guys in my Welcome Week group suggested that some morning we have a semi-organised 'sing badly in the shower.' I hope that happens, though it probably won't. I'll try to learn the words to the proposed song just in case, though.

Yesterday I went home and visited my family and helped my brother study Latin and ate enchiladas.

Amy down the hall has drawn little Tardises on almost all the whiteboards in the corridor, not just her own. I drew a Death Star zapping ours with its green planet-destroying zap beam. While I was drawing it, one of the scariest things I can imagine happened - somebody walked by and said, 'I know what that is,' indicating the Tardis, and then, indicating the Death Star, 'but what's that?' Okay so I'm sure I can imagine a lot of things a lot scarier, but still, this is just wrong. This is America, dammit.

There's no room in the schedule for sleeping - tonight I'm opting out of beachgoing and a huge fluorescent dance party so I can get some rest. 'Cause sleep is important, actually.

Had a choice last night between watching Megamind and getting a couple hours of sleep closer to normal. Megamind won.

Somehow I simultaneously feel as though I'm living more openly as myself than ever, and also completely back in the closet. I don't know how that works, but there it is.

I do have a lot of stuff to say but my mind is not remembering it right now. Maybe I'll update after I sleep and suchlike.