smitten, as always

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Jewface, two days before Saturday's party, on my facebook wall: "so if i bring pirates on saturday...will you dress as a pirate? JUST CONSIDER IT. dang."

I showed up in a pirate hat. Goddamn it, it worked.

Jewface, one day after Saturday's party, texted me: "Last party: pirate. Next time: polar bear. CHALLENGE INITIATED. oh dang."

I was at the gym, so I didn't get the text for a few hours. She texted me again: "No? Not so much? Rejected."

Me: " do you have a costumes fetish or just a bossing me around fetish? (not rejected. there's just no service at the gym.)"

Jewface: "Yes both of those are fetishes of mine. As well as jellyfish science."

((i drunkenly explained the life cycle of the jellyfish to her at saturday's party. an unfortunate fact about me is that when i get trunk I invariably talk about biology))

Me: "mmmbaby talk invertebrates to me."

No response yet.

It is so easy for me to get so smitten. The next official Queer Union party is in two weeks; I'll be wearing a headband with white bear ears, and hopefully a pair of white mittens, the kind where the finger part flips back, turning it into fingerless gloves. And, since I'm smitten and have already started planning my actual outfit, jeans, white tank top, and my black vest.

I see her again on Thursday for an actual Queer Union meeting. She's such an activist. She's the president of Queer Union, and a senior, did I mention that? So I won't initiate any conversation till then, and when I see her, I will invariably get all bashful, blush, look away, smile a little, and follow her lead conversation-wise.

The problem is there's a non-official QU party THIS weekend. I'm not going, though, because Emily will be in town. I'm worried that two weeks will be enough time her Jewface to lose interest. I don't want her to.

My roommate, SS, said in response to this fear "She'll still be interested. Sure, she'll find a new interest at the party when you're not there, but when you are, she'll still be interested."

I said, "I don't want to be that kind of interest."

ooooohshit. xD lesdrama is the best kind of drama.

And now I really, really need to do chemistry homework. Ta-ta!


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Cute! There's no service at


There's no service at my gym either, indeed very annoying.