Snowbirding once again

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Ok well its going to be October soon. That means snow is soon on the air a few weeks, or months away. ...YUCK! That also means I get the RV out and clean it up, fix the things that need fixed, and get it ready to head south from Nebraska where we spent the last year, To Florida where we will spend the winter. YEA!!! I am getting excited and looking forward to the warm winter months. We have chosen Cross City Fla, on the west side of the states upper part, for this years stay. Its cheep, and the court is Gay owned and run, as well as all gay occupied too. That will be fun too I hope. I have been putting in a new Inverter to run the Refrigerator as we drive down the road so it does not ruin the food for us. Lots of work running new electrical lines, plugs, wires, etc....Yuck I hate that. But it needs to be done.
The court we will be staying in is called Southern Comfort....and I hope it is comfortable any way. We have some friends who are going to be there also so we will not be alone this year like when we were in Chattahoochee Fla. We knew no one there, and it got boring....LOL.....I know I have not been on here to give the advise as I have in the past but this year my health has not been too good. I had surgery on my butt...(don't ask)...and had Pneumonia also which did not help matters any. The only bad thing was that I was found to have the big C....Cancer....They think they got it all, and we hope they did...I am not ready to meet my maker just yet...I want a few more years to have some fun at least from MY bucket list. So I am making out a Bucket list and hope to do some or most of the things on it. That is why I am posting a thread in the Blog side to see what people like us want on our bucket list....So...thats it for now. Talk to some of you in Fla maybe.