So, some anonymous bag of fuck totally hates me.

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Guess who got detention today? This chick. Guess why? Apparently, I dress like a whore or something. My school has uniforms. Very, very ill-fitting uniforms. The skirts the girls have to wear never fit properly and must be hemmed according to the girl's height and such, but as long as it is 3 inches or less above the knee, it is deemed acceptable. Also, if someone violates the dress code, they are almost always subtly warned first before detention is given. ("Hey, I think your shirt is coming untucked." or "Maybe you should adjust your skirt a little in the back.")

The detention note was given to me after my English test. At first, I thought my English teacher did it and felt betrayed because she is so amazing, but she said it was from the office and was just as confused as I was. But she's a very nice lady and completely reasonable, so I figured I had better get a douchebag's perspective. I thought of the douchiest, meanest teacher in the school who just has a total boner for rules and authority and also hates me the most. History Teacher. I went to her and asked next. She said, "Umm, it's kind of in a grey area, but I would not have given you a detention for it." Once I got Queen of the Douchebags on my side, I KNEW they were smoking something. Still, to be on the safe side, I asked one more teacher, a neutral one, and she also said I didn't deserve the detention.

So, when I got home, I measured my skirt. Hey, miserable fucks at school, the end of my skirt is exactly 3 inches above the top of my knee, just as the rules dictate. I didn't even do anything wrong, then. Whoever wrote me that detention needs to get laid or something, because they are obviously in need. I mean, why else would they be so intently studying a 16-year-old girl's thighs? God, everyone at my school is such a choad.

Thankfully, the detention guy was very reasonable and thought the entire thing was bullshit, so I didn't have to do any detention work. It's the fucking principle of the thing, though.

Who gives a fuck if there are people giving blowjobs in the auditorium at lunch? Who cares if there are kids who are failing and need help, or kids being bullied, or a mysterious shit-like smell radiating throughout the halls? Let's use our valuable time today to go give an AP student who rarely bothers anyone hell over the length of her skirt, even though it's within the limit and she has worn it since school started a month ago, because FUCK LOGIC LOLOLOLOL

My mom is mega pissed... It was only a break detention, lasting 20 minutes or so, but she doesn't want it on my record if I didn't do anything wrong. She's going to talk to them tomorrow and find out who wrote me the detention. They were too chickenshit to sign the note. (Mrs. English Teacher: "If you're going to give someone a detention for no good reason, you should at least have the gall to sign the note." I love her.)

At least there were two hot seniors in there. They were in for the same "offense" as me. One of them did have a rather short skirt, but the other's was even longer than mine. I really don't understand the big deal, even if a skirt is an inch or so either way. I mean, I guarantee you I'm just as sexually frustrated as half the guys up there, and in my entire time at that school, I've only been distracted by ONE girl's short skirt. That girl (FCG, naturally!) doesn't even go to school there anymore. (And no one else has legs even sort of comparable to hers anyway, sooo...) Most of the time I don't even notice, not even on the really hot girls.

Maybe I should just start dressing like a whore anyway. I mean, it obviously doesn't matter if you follow the rules or not, because you're apparently damned if you do and damned if you don't. Maybe I should buy some electric blue eyeshadow and start caking that on, and roll up my skirt another 2 inches or so. Oh, and wear the white school shirt with a neon-colored bra. That's always a classy look. Man, I'll be sooooo hot, I'll turn all the girls gay.


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It was me. I wrote the

It was me.
I wrote the detention.
I'm the anons that hates your face. xDDD
Just kidding :D
~I don't need no fakes around me, all I want is you to be with I am...~

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Hahaha! Well, it looked like my old chemistry teacher's writing. She hated me, so it's a pretty safe bet it was her.

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Oh lord I hate my chem

Oh lord I hate my chem teacher this year, she's nice, but she can't teach worth shit. >.>
~I don't need no fakes around me, all I want is you to be with I am...~

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Mine couldn't teach AND was

Mine couldn't teach AND was a total bitch. She hated me for having an 83 in her class, which apparently meant I "didn't care" (true) and "didn't try" (not true)