Student protest

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Title: students march on police station

I was there.

Obviously the government-leaning newspaper didn't cast us in a very good light. You can tell by looking at the contrast between the first and the last sentence (humorising/mocking to begin with, then the actual point at the end)

Also, the numbers were horrendously under reported. 60? More like 300. We probably had over 500-1000 initially at the rally before the sit-in.

In other news (how appropriate):

- Still a lot to study, and still taking on too much extracurricular work.
- Doing a demo debate for another university tomorrow, who wants to start their own debating society. (topic: legalisation of all drugs)
- Also, our university is introduing a queer rights officer. Might run for it.

That is all. Goodbye.


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Keep your head up,

if I recall correctly it was Mahatma Gandhi who said:

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.".

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Thanks. Unfortunately the

Thanks. Unfortunately the bill will most likely pass. The majority of students are too apathetic to care. What a shame.