This complicates things...

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Apparently I haven't been so discreet about using the 'wrong' shower room as I had thought. Apparently there have been 'rumors' and some of the guys have been getting uncomfortable. And now I have no idea what's going to happen next - I don't want to leave my wonderful roommates, I really don't want to have to explain to my family that I'm getting transferred to the apartments because I was using the men's bathrooms in the dorms, but I don't want to use the girls' bathrooms, or keep making the guys uncomfortable. And I also don't want to not shower and get all greasy and smelly and gross.

The hall authorities were accepting; they didn't make me feel like I was in trouble or tell me that I had to start using the girls' room because of my sex. But they didn't have any brilliant suggestions as to a solution, either. Likewise with the Pride Center - it said that it has a campaign going for more unisex restrooms and genderblind housing, and that it could arrange to have my family told that I was being moved to the apartments because of roommate troubles (except that I've already gushed to my family about how great my roommates are), or because space had opened up to get me out of the triple room (except that I requested a triple room), but that was all.

My roommates were amazing. At least Leah was - she told Zephyr later when I wasn't there, so I don't know what Zephyr's reaction was. But Leah took it all... not calmly, since she was all ready to go out and beat up whoever didn't want me showering in their bathroom, but well. She thought I was taking it too passively for saying that it was all my problem for being androgynous, and not anybody else's problem for being uncomfortable with me.

Somehow, I believe with my irrational hope that always turns out to be correct, everything is going to work out okay. I'm going to get to stay here, with Leah and Zephyr, and keep it all quiet from my family, and shower somewhere where I'll be the only one who's even a little bit uncomfortable. I have no idea how it's going to work, but work it will.

I hope.