This journal is allll over the place.

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It starts off super depressing, and then I become my usual self.

My friend's mom died... I don't know what to say to her. I feel bad. My mom is demanding that I call/text her immediately, but she and her sister deleted their Facebooks and everything. I very, very, very highly doubt she even wants to talk to anyone for a couple days. Everyone in our group is conflicted; we want to call or text her, but we know she more than likely wants to be left alone right now.

I don't even know if we're supposed to actually know yet or not. History Teacher told me out of nowhere today in the hall. She also told some more people from our class. The 11th grade is going to gather some money and buy her some flowers and stuff.

It's so weird. I went to her house 2 or 3 weeks ago to work on a project, and her mom was totally fine. She did have a lot of health problems, but I don't think they were necessarily expecting this.

Again, I feel super bad for her. She had a good relationship with her mom. Her mom was really nice too. I didn't know her mom that well since I'm usually shy around friends' parents, but she was always really talkative and would occasionally send me text messages wishing me luck on things like the AP Exam.

Anyway, this is some heavy and depressing shit, so I'm gonna watch The Playboy Club (AMBER HEARD <3) online and talk about some other things using a totally different tone.

I missed The Playboy Club yesterday... I have to steal my sister's TV to watch it, and she wouldn't leave her damn room. My TV is broken. I can't get stupid Hulu to work, so I guess I'll just download this episode on iTunes. It's not that expensive. And if I do that, then I can watch Amber Heard any time I want. ;D Unless my TV gets fixed, I'm going to have a very extensive iTunes collection by the end of this year with The Playboy Club and New Girl being on. New Girl is on tonight, but, again, I can't have the TV, so I guess I need to get a new iTunes card in the next couple weeks.

Everyone who likes hot girls should watch The Playboy Club. I only have a basic idea as to what is going on, but it's fairly interesting, and Amber is a goddess. Oh my fuck. She plays Maureen on the show and she is like... Sexy to the tenth power. And she's a PLAYBOY BUNNY in the show. There is nothing greater, my friends. Nothing.

WHILE ON iTUNES DOWNLOADING THE PLAYBOY CLUB, I JUST REALIZED SOMETHING. I can buy all my old favorite cartoons. YESSSS. Fuck, now I need another $50 iTunes card so I can buy Rugrats and Johnny Bravo and CatDog and Courage the Cowardly Dog and ANIMANIACS and and... The internet is beautiful. I finally know what to ask for for my birthday. I'll just tell Granny to get me a shitload of iTunes cards. Oh, my god, why am I so immature? I go from talking about serious, sad stuff to talking about actresses I want in my bed to talking about how excited I am to buy cartoons. In fact, I am now buying some Animaniacs.

Everyone is giving this really hot girl shit and calling her a pedo because she's dating a younger guy. It's so annoying to hear. I stood up for her because there is absolutely nothing wrong with a 17-year-old dating a 15-year-old, especially since I heard he's apparently almost 16 anyway. Now, I am obviously biased since they have the same age difference as me and FCG (If you've forgotten, FCG is 18 and I'm 16, turning 17 in a little over a month) but come on, let's use our brains here. It's a year and a few months. That girl is definitely not a damn pedophile, and nosy hoes need to leave her alone.

I mean, I'm almost 17, and even though most girls I like end up being older than me, I still would date a 15-year-old. I know it varies for different people, but right now, personally, I would date girls from 15 to 19, and most people see this range as acceptable, so I am really confused. Maybe they're mean to her because it's a younger guy, and there is that stereotype of guys being mega immature for way longer than girls. I obviously wouldn't run into that problem because I don't date guys... But really, everyone should leave that girl alone. A pedo is more like my mom's creepy ex-boyfriend who is now fucking a girl my age. Ugh, I hate people. And, of course, no one is talking shit about the girl in my grade who's with a 25-year-old. Nope.

In other news, I'm missing FCG, but that's pretty standard, so I'll spare you that whining. I must talk to her soon. I simply must. I mentioned I'm not the only one having trouble, right? A lot of people seem to be having trouble because she is a silly girl who constantly loses her phone. Silly stellar blonde FCG. <3 That reminds me, today was Tuesday so I saw Mini FCG. That girl has a strange fashion sense. I think she used to think I was weird but is slowly becoming used to me... I can't see how, because I told her I was going to college to become a unicorn. She also reminds me more and more of FCG each time I see her. I also don't think she's from this crappy town. She doesn't sound like it, or seem like it. That's always a good thing, because this town is total buttnuggets. SOON, I SHALL MAKE MY ESCAPE. VERY SOON.