Voided warrenties and internet madness

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So I got pretty bored this weekend and it was the best thing to happen to my phone ever. What I'm going to write about after this paragraph may seem stupid, wreckless or unethical or whatever some people may think it is. But I bought this phone and I wanted to get the most I could out of it since I'm not a run-of-the-mill user.

I have successfully Rooted my Android phone! Be sure to let me know about your thoughts in the comments section on this please. There are no disadvantages at all in my opinion since the phone can be Unrooted and my warrenty can be reinstated without any harm. And I'm proud to have done this.

I've backed up many applications on my phone and I've uninstalled many useless stock applications I've never used. I'm really happy about it! Sorry if the impression of me bragging comes across. I have currently wiped out ads in apps and I've got superuser access to many applications. I'm so happy about it!

As for some mad internet rage here it as after reading my braggings (if you understand Spanish it's so much more funny):

"Tano Pasman: English Subtitles - Very Funny"