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Sometimes i do wish i was the stereotypical gay. that way when i tell someone "yeah, I'm gay" they don't look at me like i have 7 heads. (O.o) I really hate how LGBT folk are stereotyped just as bad as races, religions, etc... i am who i am and i don't appreciate being called a "Walking contradiction" because this "walking contradiction" is going to one day stick his size 13 Harley boot so far up your ass your eyes pop out their sockets.

but in other news, I've lost a lot of weight and am making healthier choices for myself. I've gained tons of energy as well as quite a bit more self confidence. I have a job, i am going to school, and all-in-all have nothing to really hate about life......other than my family haha. but they haven't bothered me in a while so I would say I'm doing great.

so yeah, taking a step away from doom and gloom and talking about some good stuff for once lol.


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I love being somewhat

I love being somewhat stereotypical. Whenever I rant, I begin to sound uber flamboyant, I like musicals, I have a drama-queen attitude according to some of my friends, and I spew rainbows out of every pore when I talk about guys xD

And same here, I mean, my parents work late, so dinner usually includes fast food, but I've been getting salads, and hardly drinking pop at all, drinking tea instead, I plan to exercize and start something there when it doesn't stay so hot out >.>
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lol yeah you sound pretty stereotypical all right XD

me on the other hand i have a low voice that gets gritty sometimes when im hyper or enthusiastic about something im 6'1" i wear black jeans and Heavy Metal Band Shirts chains and boots lol not very gay hahahaha

and yeah thats basically what i did with the diet but i drink more water than tea and exercise is REALLY Important. youll shrink in no time lol