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My computer's broken, and I kind of need it to study. It freezes after five minutes unless I start it up in safe mode. Any ideas? I'm thinking it's probably one the drivers...

I sleep too much and too late. They are both problems in that it's not that I can't get enough sleep, but that I can't get enough stuff done because I'm always tired. I'm thinking maybe I should force myself to go to bed at like say eleven, but then I always end up lying there until like 2 or 3 anyway.

Need to find more students to tutor. Need $$$.

Other things:
Really excited to go Manila in December. The worlds biggest debating tournament. Everyone's smart, everyone's there to have a good time... And everything is going to be so cheap!

... Too much to write about. Almost eleven. Gona shower then head to bed.


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Computer - Sleep - WUDC

(1) Take your computer to a reputable repair station... one that specializes in your make. Be sure you have a backup copy of all critical documents on an external drive. If you're using a Mac, download a copy of SuperDuper and make a bootable copy on the external drive.

(2) Develop the habit of going to bed and getting up at the same time each day. If this is impractical, try at least for getting up on a regular schedule.

A doctor can prescribe temporary sleep aids that work! An OTC product (3mg Melatonin) may be helpful. Most important: no caffeine/alcohol/exercise for at least the last 3 hours before attempting sleep!

(3) I apologize for posting (in a previous comment) the wrong "guess" as to the location and dates for WUDC. I have corrected this error --- hopefully ---


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if you'd like to spend money you could take it in to be cleaned, but I recommend the simple solution. Just do safemode and download Microsoft Security Essentials and clean your computer. But you need to know your OS and you need to know what your processor is 32 or 64 bit. It's only for Windows but hopefully you have Windows.

It just seems to be a virus in my opinion, The same thing happened to my sister's computer, she's bad with computers lol.

here's the site link: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/security_essentials/SystemRequirements.as...

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Yeah, i checked at the Local

Yeah, i checked at the Local repair shop it costs $90 and I just don't have that kind of money right now.

But yeah I'll take your advice and try the security essentials thing.

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"hopefully you have Windows"?

Who would wish that on someone?!

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"My computer's broken, and I

"My computer's broken, and I kind of need it to study. It freezes after five minutes unless I start it up in safe mode. Any ideas? I'm thinking it's probably one the drivers..."

Mac or PC?

Best thing to do is back all your important files to an external hard drive. My main PC blue-screened me last week and I ended up losing 2 years of photos, including some that I could've used in a portfolio/ect. so before you try anything with it just back everything important somewhere else.

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you realize that your photos may just be still on your hard disk and not lost? The only thing wrong is the system, which isn't a hard drive problem. You either had a virus or a computer with limited system resources, maybe even one corrupt file. But if you take your hard drive to a computer specialist or a friend who knows how to get stuff done, you can get back your data. All is not lost.

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It's a PC. Is there any

It's a PC. Is there any specific program for backing up the entire hard drive automatically?

And... Hello. It's been a while!

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I wish there were...

But I don't believe there is a program for PCs that is as foolproof and versatile as SuperDuper is for Macs :(

I hope someone can disabuse me of this...


You should be able to find a computer nerd at uni that would be very willing to assist with your problem (i.e., the PC "problem"). Check with tech clubs and departments at uni...



The main feature of a program like SuperDuper is that it can create an external drive from which you can boot your computer. If that bootable copy is created when the computer (in this case, a Mac) is working well, it can be used to bring your computer "back" to the way it was before failure. It will also allow you to restore all files/programs on your computer to the way they existed on the creation date of the bootable external drive.

However, SuperDuper cannot repair problems that may exist on your main hard drive.

What you should do, however, is save important documents to an external drive (if the documents are accessible) prior to pursuing any attempt to repair (this is quite straight-forward and does not require a program like SuperDuper). There is always a risk that any attempt at repair may lead to some loss of documents.

Good luck... and find yourself a good looking nerd!

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Here are the best data recovery tips: http://www.drivesaversdatarecovery.com/company-info/recovery-tips/

That place rocks, but if you thought $90 was expensive, they will be WAY higher... thankfully, I was a tech reporter, so they did mine for "free," as long as I wrote an article about them fixing it, hehe.

Not sure what good software there is. Some software will recover items in one case, but trash it from ever being recovered in another, depending on how the drive was damaged, so it's not always a one solution kind of thing.

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