A Quick Update

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It's been several weeks since I've last checked in with you guys, so I'm sorry, I didn't mean to drop off the face of the earth. Real life gets in the way sometimes. And I have been busy!
I'm on the tech crew for my school's production of Grease this fall and it's in full swing. I spent five hours yesterday jigsawing out backgrounds to be flown in and painting. And I also got to jig Grease Lightning (the car) out! Woohoo! I just have a thing for old cars o.k.? AP Art class has also kicked in and I'm floundering a bit this year. My concentration is "patterns interacting with the figure" which is more abstract than what I've done before, and it will definitely be a challenge, since figure drawing is the single most important and probably the most daunting thing I have to improve on. I'm excited for the challenge though.
And also my school's GSA started up and there are a lot of new members this year. They're all underclassmen and so I don't really know any of them, but I'm glad that we've got a real group this year. I was so tired of our GSA feeling like a ghost-town. I had planned on trying to take a leadership role this year by being the club president or VP, but so far, there has been no mention of officer elections and A, who is a junior this year, super bossy (and not even in a way that gets things done) and who whines all the time has taken it upon herself to "lead" the meetings. I'm not really sure if I want to try to edge her out of the position she has taken or not since she can be really nasty to people that she doesn't like.
School has been really empty feeling without the seniors who graduated last year there. Pretty much all of my friends graduated last year, and I'm terrible at making new ones, especially since everyone has "their group" already. At first it was really uncomfortable and I wandered around school feeling like a ghost, but I kind of like all the me time I get now. It was such a relief when J came down to visit from Washington though. He's the friend I've had for the longest time and even though he's a little immature sometimes I love him in this weird friend-bro kind of way. He stopped by my house unannounced the night he took the train down, which is a thing with him, but as usual he has the worst timing with when he shows up and I'm in my pyjamas about to go to bed. I heard him at the door and changed quick and came down, and we sat in the living room for a long time catching up on life. It sounds like he really likes college so I'm happy for him. The next night we went out for dinner at Village Inn with a group of friends, and I ordered a hot chocolate which was really good and had a big poof of whipped cream on top. J flailed around while telling some story and knocked the mug over, just as I had started drinking it, but it didn't spill on anyone and burn them so that was o.k. Plus the waitress brought me another one and didn't even charge me so that was really nice too.
And now I got this big moral quandry. There is a girl in my Japanese class who says she fancies me, it took me by surprise when she told me because we haven't really talked. Actually, I thought she was trolling me. She seems like a nice person, I've started trying to talk to her although at this point I'm not sure what we have in common. We're both really awkward around girls though, so there's that haha. <:/ The problem is that she is a freshman though, possibly a full four years younger than me and I'm not sure if it would be the right thing to do to try and...pursue her? Not really sure what words to use here. J said to be really careful not to get labeled as "that senior", you know, the one that messes with the freshman, and he definitely has a point. On the other hand though, she has so far been the one initiating everything, so clearly she knows what she's doing. Any opinions, guys?

PS. I'll try to be more frequent with updating from now on, even though college applications are about to take the piss out of me.