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First off, if you're unaware of what a Ouija board is, click :

This will be a long journal but I swear on my life that everything I'm writing here is exactly how I lived it. We also did experiments with different people touching the planchette and giving us the same results. We also had a pen and paper to track the answers we received. I would trust the people I did this with with my life and everyone swore that no one was pushing it (and either way, what happened would NOT be a funny joke).

Last night I was with my boyfriend and one of our close friend and we decided, for fun, to borrow a friend's Ouija board and play.

At first it was just the three of us and we were all sort of uncertain as to how it worked. So we're all sort of giggling and making jokes, and we asked again if there were any spirits willing to talk to us and the planchette pointer moved to no.

We all freaked out and swore to each other that no one was intentionally pushing it. Again though, we were terrified, so we called over the person who had lent us the board (who is, herself, very perceptive of spirits, ect.) and she came to reassure us/help us channel.

So we set the board back up, and she tells us she has a spirit who follows her and who's very receptive and helpful during seances. Through the board and answering our questions, "Larry" (her spirit guide) informed us that there were 3 spirits including himself in the room.

We asked to speak to one of the spirits. We ask his name.


The name of my boyfriend's brother, who died at three months old. We asked what age he'd have today if he was alive (16, which is correct). Keep in mind that no one except my boyfriend had this information. My boyfriend's father was in the house and we asked if he wanted to talk to him (yes) so we went to get him. When he showed up though, there was no presence in the room. His dad left, joking it off. We came back to the board to try to keep it going. We got my boyfriend's brother and asked why he had left, and he spells : "F-A-I-T-H" (my boyfriend's dad thinks this is all bullshit). We asked him why he came and we got "O-N-J-O-U-E" ("ON JOUE" in french, meaning that we're playing) and he refused to answer further questions.

At this point, both my boyfriend and I are pretty much bawling our eyes out. I'd also like to point out that I've always been somewhat sensitive to paranormal activity, especially when I was younger - it's the kind of thing you just rationalize when you're older.

We had left the room at this point and my boyfriend called his mom (side piece of information ; she had recently seen a medium who had told her about her son) and all of a sudden I got really choked up as though someone is squeezing my ribs together and an overwhelming urge to tell my boyfriend to tell his mom that he loves her. I didn't say anything for fear of seeming way into the Ouija game but as soon as he did a huge weight fell off of me - this was the first time of the night when I felt as though some presence was having a physical effect on my body.

Anyways, we had dinner and we wanted to continue afterwards. We called up my boyfriend's brother again and tried to get even more proof that it was him who was speaking to us, with my boyfriend asking questions only he'd know and we got correct answers (he just wanted some form of validation that we weren't pushing the thing around in some kind of twisted joke).

We then called up Larry and asked if any others in the room had spirits following them. Yes, and it's me. We ask for it's name and the pointer moved towards the moon (indicating that the answer is not one that we can understand/negative presence) and then for how we should address/speak to it and we got the letter "C". If we can speak to it? "NO". Is it a good presence? "NO". Is it seeking to harm me? "NO". Is it seeking to harm someone in the room? "NO". Who is it seeking to harm? "S-E-B". (This is the nickname for an older guy I was sleeping with and who, at the time, destroyed me. This is at the joining date of me joining Oasis 1-2 years back.) Keep in mind that I'm not touching the planchette at this point and only my boyfriend knew the name.

Next up my friend wanted to reach her grandmother who had passed away - we were told by Larry that she was busy and couldn't talk, but we insisted that he "go get her". She didn't say much other than the first letter of her name and then to "goodbye".

Now this is where things get really creepy, and where there are huge implications if what the board said is true.

My friend who wanted to reach her grandmother wanted to know if she had a guardian angel. Asking Larry again, the answer was yes - for the name we got "J-A-Y". My friend just starts crying her eyes out and asked for the first letter of his real name - we got "C". At this point she runs out of the room and she's crying and screaming that this can't be happening.

Turns out one of her really good friends whom none of us know is called Cameron but for some reason she calls him Jay. At this point she is freaking out because this would technically imply that he's dead.

Me and the girl who owns the board went back on our own and asked if Jay is dead. The answer is yes. The others then joined us and we asked the same question again. This time, the planchette keeps making circles on the board and finally settles between yes and no. We try asking other questions but we keep getting really random letters and ect. My friend decided to leave the room and all of a sudden the board is working fine again and is responding logically to questions (it guessed the colour of everyone's underwear correctly, for instance). Next we asked Larry if he was lying before when my friend was in the room (yes) and why he lied "S-O-R-R-Y". My boyfriend went to say this to my friend (and after this Larry refused to speak to him as well, going in circles when he was in the room).
As per Larry, Jay would have died of an overdose. (and apparently Jay was into hard drugs).

We do not currently know if this has actually happened but I don't know how I would react if it is the case.

Later on in the evening my boyfriend and I were driving and he was telling me that he can feel his brother holding him and that it's hurting him. As he says that all of a sudden I get choked up and started crying again with the huge impulse to hold my boyfriend. When we talked about it afterwards, he told me that the moment where I started crying he felt the presence was gone from him.

Throughout the night I felt his brother clinging me to. I was freaking out because not only because this all actually happened on the anniversary of his death but also because I'm worried about being haunted by him. I felt fine this morning though.

I still don't know how I feel about this. We're having another session tonight to figure out why there's a spirit following me and his nature.

But I do know I'm never going to doubt a ghost story again. I just know that what happened yesterday was real.


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some things are best left unsaid. Sometimes it's best not to know about some spirits that may follow us (or you in this case) whether it be neutral or harmful. There is a reason why the Land of the Living and The Hereafter are seperated.

I can only advise you to make serious questions and for the love of all that is Holy please only contact them when you are strong, for when channeling spirits sometimes the evil ones come through the portal. I know you've probably heard this all before.

I advise you to be more aware of your surroundings especially when you're alone. Just please be careful. I will pray for your protection if you wish.

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Thank you,

Pray for me tonight.

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wow i nearly welled up on the bit of the guardian angel. My Nana always says that we have them and sometimes i really do believe that. I always have heard of them bad tasted versions of ouija boards, but this seems so...real. I get really odd with paranormal activity as i find it really interesting to find about it, but then end up scaring myself. Though i don't know think my house is strange, as sometimes when i get home and i am by myself i get this sense of solitude as soon as i close the door, from when i get in from school. Its quite odd how i just feel so calm. My mum is odd to with i cant say ANYTHING about stuff like this or she just gets freaked out . Were as my dad on the other hand is super skeptical on it all and doesn't believe it. I believe that there is something after this life, as frankly it would be pretty boring if it did not. Though i don't really believe that you have another life. i cant believe what happened to you though, with all those links! i echo what lonewolf says about keeping safe though and don't act silly with it, but i shall be intrigued very by what happens next

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Side note since you

Side note since you mentionned an afterlife - The girl who owns the board has asked "Larry" about God and the afterlife (something you're not really supposed to be doing) and apparently we reincarnate and there is a God though not in the way we can understand. Then again, if you ask Larry if he's a liar he will go between "yes" and "no" or circle around the board according to her, and will only revise specific statements if he "feels like it".

It's funny because our parents have the same view. My mom gets totally freaked out about it and my dad doesn't really care.

And honestly it was by far one of the strangest experiences of my life. I can't even explain it. I'll be careful and keep you guys posted about tonight.

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The Wiki page you linked to contained the answer:

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My father had a bad experience with the same thing when he was younger. He refuses to talk about it. Post what happens tonight, too, kay?
That's redick!

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I wouldn't fuck with some of

I wouldn't fuck with some of that shit :X
It causes all sorts of things to happen, most often those spirits end up haunting you, and begin to follow you. :,3
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I used to work with someone who claims their house was haunted. No one would even park near his car, but that was cool, it always made it easy for me to find a spot.

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (

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I believe the faith... messages communicated via the Ouija Board is quite similar to that held by those who believe that Facilitated Communication allows severely autistic children (i.e., no language skills) to communicate meaningfully with the assistance of a "facilitator":

In the case of Facilitated Communication it is very likely that the "facilitator" is often an unwitting participant.

I strongly suspect that in the case of messages via Ouija there are also unwitting participants!

Science is much more in support of Facilitated Communication... but despite the growing number of very hopeful parents of autistic children, it remains on extremely shaky ground (i.e., no incontrovertible evidence of efficacy) ... relying entirely on the overpowering influence of hope and faith.

I'm very sorry... I wish it could be otherwise!