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"They try in vain our minds to chain" - Chumbawamba

I'm feeling interesting, especially since I'm feeling. I've felt numb recently and now I don't. It's nice. I cried yesterday for the first time in months. It was only for a few seconds, but it felt very good to be able to let that out.

Now to the topic of why I cried and the topic of this journal. Doubt.

I can't trust anyone or anything. I feel so alone, and so faltering in a world that requires me to stand and be strong, or else die. It's not that I don't want to trust anyone, or believe people are unworthy of trust. It's that I find myself unable to trust. I feel like I can't even trust God to help me. More on that another time.

I am Sister Aloysius. I have doubts. I have such doubts. I feel that I cannot trust anything to be true, nothing I know I actually know. Even if I feel certainty, it is an emotion, not a fact. For example, I am very strong and stubborn in my political beliefs. I will argue for hours on end, and although I am open-minded and willing to change my ideas, I need definite proof. But the reason for my stubbornness and tendency to argue isn't that I think I know everything, it isn't that I am certain. It is that I have such doubts. I doubt what I believe is true, I fear that what I believe is false, and so I must argue.

I desire to know things. I wish I could know everything. I wish I could know that my friends truly do love me. But in order to know, one must be able to trust. And I cannot trust anymore. The dragon is hungry. My doubt will not allow me to trust anything, even my dearest of friends, with the exception of perhaps one. I cannot even trust myself.

I can fight this doubt. But I fear I will lose.


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First, you seem awesome.

Second, I can relate to the second part of the 3rd paragraph. But, not the last one. I only have one friend who I never see, but I trust her a lot, so no comment there.