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I got home at 9 from work today. It's been draining me whole. Apparently, I have a day to work on signs on the whole "Lights On After School" walk on Thursday. The entire school is Walking from Carroll Street to Jay Street and back to promote the Good Shepherd After School program. It's all fun and games, but it's a bit tiring when you're the one left with working on the signs for you're kindergarten class.

Any who..

I'm no longer talking to my older brother for stupid reasons of course. He's "talking" to my best friend and we got into this whole argument for a misunderstanding. he wants to act like a drama queen so he's hates me now. Not like I care; I mean, I'm gonna act like a mature adult and not play his children games.

Moving on..

My boyfriend invited me over his house in the morning on Monday and Tuesday and let's be honest here: we all know why. I'm dying for it to be next week already. I'm not gonna lie, I do have a craving for it and I'm not sure I can wait, but eh I'll live.

Well that's all I have for today. See ya'