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So I remember writing a journal last time I was here about my life hitting a boring pitch, and today that boredom was broken. I had this idea in my mind about going with my friend "T" downtown or to the tennis courts. We chose downtown to just hangout. Man it was so awesome, if only "R dude" could make it, but he had a stick up his ass today. :|

So "T" and I started off by trying to break a $10 bill which was an adventure in itself. We tried an Ethnic food place, they didn't like that we needed change. Then we tried a convenience store, and we were shooed off. So we then hopped a bus and made it to the bank and got 1's out of the bill. Then we took the bus back to the original point of departure.

We then hopped another bus straight to downtown. We walked around some of the sites such as the Municipal Courthouse and headed to one of the city's attractions "the big tower" and soon paid our admission and headed straight up 700 odd feet. We took many pictures and paid 50ยข to have pennies smashed with little images.

We soon headed a different way after that excitement. we decided to walk to one of the historic sites that our city had to offer. It was neat and some tourists asked us to take their pictures for them in front of the monument. There were little informational pamphlets and they were available in different languages. There was a neat one in Arabic.

The Arabic one was only available by special request (for some odd reason). So I asked and aquired a neat little memento. I couldn't help but feel like I was being looked at rather indiscreetly though after that. So we then left the historic place and searched for a goodtime elsewhere. We then decided to try and find a billiard bar.

We thought there were none to be found but after very deep searching we found one in a Pub (stange place for one if you ask me). So we played pool there for a bit and we had some fun with that. We then decided to head to my place but we got lost (LOL). We were only lost for about 5 or 6 minutes which wasen't that bad.

We soon found the bus depot and we waited for a bit. There was soon some activity when four police cars showed up out of (seemingly) nowhere and this one guy got arrested and searched like there wasen't a tomorrow. He wasen't even resisting arrest but I suppose there was a very good reason why there were soon seven police officers on the scene.

So after that excitement "T" and I hopped the bus back to the outskirts. We hung out for about half of an hour and he hopped a bus back to his pad. We both enjoyed today and it was awesome to hang out and wander around the city without a care in the world. But back to reality, it was cool and most deifinately not boring. :-)


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That does sounds cool, i love spontaneous days like that, that don't require much planning

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Sounds quite fun!

I would've enjoyed that day. I had a good day to-day myself- somewhat similar, even. Good days ftw!

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