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So, E came over to MY house on saturday. It was fun. We had attempted to have sex but something happened in the process....it's kinda embarassing and painful. Lol. It hurt real bad and i almost cried. XD. Lol. Urk.
Her fingers slipped and she kinda cut the inside of my lady parts. LOL. She made me bleed. and we both freaked out. Well she freaked out first when i pulled away and yelled into my pillow in pain...I freaked after she convinced me to let her look and she told me i was bleeding quite a bit. :| talk about fucking FAIL. So, i didnt finish. But neither did she. Her ride came to pick her up half an hour early, right in the middle of round number 2. For her at least .-.
She forgot her panties. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. I thought it was the funniest thing ever. My first pair of forgotten panties. :3
Oh. and she also forgot her glasses and her necklace. :P.

I need to find a better way to write my tabs when i cant print. You should see how fucking messy the one i just copied down is. i hope i can understand it. :|

So on monday, i told E we should cut back on the affection. I feel as if im leading her on. I mean, i still want to be with her but it isnt going to be anytime soon. She got pissed. She yelled at me. :| so, naturally, i got pissed. And we arent talking now. and i have to admit, i miss her quite a bit.

I was talking to Christina on monday too. You guys remember her?
You know. The girl i had a fling with. LDR style. Lol.
Anyways. She was flirting with me. And it was...weird. Cause im not used to that kind of attention from her anymore. It was nice as well. I did miss her. I have mixed feelings about her. They're mostly good though. Not too much bad. Which is good i guess. I dont think I'll ever be able to stop talking to her completely because of stupid stuff between us. *COUGHmegettingCOUGHattachedCOUGH*
Hah. but yeah.
i got asked to homecoming yesterday. Only cause she was broke and didnt have a date. No i didnt say yes. lol.
And today she was high in 1st per. She was feeling me up quite a bit. LOL. Not gonna say i didnt like it. haha. I was pretty neutral about it. But then at lunch one of my friends asked me to sit on her lap. Turns out, im comfortable to have on top of you. o.O. And then that girl asked me if she could see how comfortable i was. So i did. you know, whatever. Well, she started feeling my up even more and getting close to my neck. Had she done that, i wouldve been completely helpless. And then i told her not to tease me if hse isnt going to follow through. AND THEN she said "Well invite me over then"

I felt my face get red. And i was speechless. I had no idea what to say. It was like "ohfuckohfuckohfuckwhatdoisay".
She also called me hot today.



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If you're going to do lesbian things, need to have lesbian fingernails. Cut them yeast-implanters down ASAP.

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See here's the thing Jeff, I did check to see if she trimmed them. XD
I guess they werent short enough :|. Or maybe she was just going too fast.... LOL.

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