I never disrobe before a gunfight.

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Dude, this was the best weekend everrrr. I had a long weekend because of Columbus Day. I had the house to myself and did abso-fucking-lutely NOTHING of any worth whatsoever. It was so glorious... I can't even. Oh my fuck. This weekend would have been absolutely perfect if I had some sushi and FCG.

I played Nintendo 64 for a while. Who remembers Hey You Pikachu? I loved that game as a little kid! Did you know that Pikachu responds to "FESTERING DOUCHEBAG"? :D It's such a cute game! I still suck at fishing in it, though.

Then, I nearly broke my foot tripping over my arch nemesis, the vacuum cleaner. Fuck the vacuum cleaner, man. I hate that guy. My foot still hurts a little.

On Sunday, I went to the new ice cream shop in town. It was the most glorious thing ever. Red velvet ice cream with marshmallows, hot fudge sauce, and cookie dough LIKE A MOTHERFUCKING BOSS. I wolfed it down in like, a minute, and then felt like I gained 800 pounds. More worth it than anything ever.

On Sunday night, I rented this cheesy action movie named Drive Angry. NO REGRETS. It was beyond glorious, because, well, Amber Heard. She is a beautiful goddess, and I am going to marry her. Also, I now love cheesy action movies... Or maybe I just love Amber. I dunno. Also, she's in a movie that's coming out soon. I have no idea what it's about, but I am so totally there ASAP. Yeah, I'm a little obsessed. Hahaha. Seriously, though, she is absolutely gorgeous. Uhh, I think I'm in love. Sooo jealous of her girlfriend. So. Freaking. Jealous.

Speaking of Amber, I SHOULD be drooling over her right about now, but NBC says I can't have nice things. I ranted about that last week, though, so I'll spare you my rage.

I was supposed to write an essay for motherfucking history class this weekend, though. I did manage to do that in between bouts of awesomeness, but it is definitely the worst thing I have ever written... NO REGRETS, MY DEARS.

Anyway, it's less than a month until I turn SEXY SEVENTEEN! ;D I can't wait. Sixteen sucked so badly. I want a big chocolate cake with the homemade frosting my mom likes to make. And maybe some Japanese food.


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Heh, 17 was an interesting

Heh, 17 was an interesting year. Much more happened then as opposed to 16, at least. Hope you get your delicious food wishes.

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The entire second half of my

The entire second half of my 16 has been kind of sucky... I hope 17 is an improvement.