In which I hate everything.

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Everything is just a total shitfuck right now... Sorry I haven't posted much. I'm usually on Tumblr these days, reblogging pictures of dangerously adorable kittens and an extremely sexy chick and trying to forget how massively lame everything is. I just feel really, really bad. I wish I could just take a break from the universe for just one day and sleep for a while. I just need to breathe.

1.) One of my friends is being a total douche about everything I like. Seriously, she thinks all music I like is "for druggie hippies" even though none of it except The Beatles is even freakin' 60s. My favorite music changes literally from day-to-day, but this is my favorite song right now. I don't even understand what she's trying to say at all. She also thinks that I am dumb because I don't want to become a scientist or some shit, and she thinks it's stupid that I like to write. I don't understand why she's being like this lately. It's petty, but it gets massively annoying after a while.

2.) This week is going to suck so much ass. It's only Monday, and it feels like it's been going on for 10 years. I have 3 tests on Wednesday, which will suck. Then, on Thursday, our newspaper/yearbook teacher is making us make this stupid video... It's going to suck, and no one except a few sophomores are even interested in doing it. Dreading that shittt. End of next week needs to hurry up. I get to do nice things for about a week and a half beginning next Friday. These things include see a movie I must view immediately, scare small children on Halloween, and turn 17. However, after November 6, things will probably go back to normal, which is not good.

3.) Some chick says this guy is FCG's boyfriend, but FCG herself hasn't made any indication of that being true... And in the picture of them together, their body language does not say that AT ALL. Like, they are not even sitting close or being even remotely affectionate or anything. Having known her for 2 years, I know FCG fairly well, and having a boyfriend is the least FCG-ish thing EVER, so I doubt it's even true, but it's still weird. (Update: She got all offended and removed the post and the picture.) But I guess it doesn't even matter because I'll never see her again and I don't even get to talk to her because either I'm being lame or she loses her phone. Seriously, no one on Facebook can even contact her. It's hopeless and stupid and I should just give up and accept being this dude:

or go track down Amber Heard and marry her because she is sexy and adorable and probably really rich, but I don't think her girlfriend would be very happy with me if I did that

4.) I got a nosebleed today while driving. Surely something that inconvenient only happens to the world's biggest losers.

5.) My pre-cal teacher is a bitch. That is al.


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I'm sorry


"So can you tell me what's left when everything you care for carries on, when broken dreams are built to make you strong. When the memories of yesterday fall through these broken dreams are built to help you through." ~Authority Zero

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Ditto to most of the first paragraph. Sorry about the rest. Friends who complain about your musical tastes need to be punched in the mouth. Simple Girl is the shit.

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Hey! For everytime your


For everytime your journals have put a smile on my face, you don't deserve to frown.

Somewhere, somehow, there is a sexy Swedish girl waiting for you (-:

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Thanks you guys <3 And yeah,

Thanks you guys <3

And yeah, I'm definitely hoping for a sexy Swedish chick! Hahaha.