My Steak Wasn't Done D:-4

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Some is kind of lame
Some is funny
and some is eh.

So, did I say that my sister is pregnant? I think. She's keeping it, and Mom got over it. They're back to normal again. BUT I still don't know if she could handle me being gay just yet. Like, my sister comes walking in going "Did you know it's national coming out day?" and I was like "FUCK, I was thinking of doing it then, but then is now, and I'm not ready. (Point 1)" and then Christy was like "Did mom ever ask about your bracelet yet? (Point 2)" and I was like "nope. >.>"

So, let's hit these points.
1 - I was legit thinking about coming out then, today, whatever, but yeah, no balls. xD Didn't realize it was this soon :X
2- About 2 weeks ago, the group of friends I hang out with decided Monday was going to be gay day. The "token" gay kid in our crowd made like 13 rainbow bead bracelets, and his friends got them to wear that day, and kept them and shit. But me? I wore it that day, and every day since, to school, and home. xD Mom hasn't said shit about it, although dad says it makes me look gay, but that's the point xD

OMG ANOTHER THING, we were in Bob Evans, me, dad, and sister, and Dad is like, the epic parent. He knows I get high, he knew (meaning not recently, but he's know I have) about the cutting, and he knows all about the guys my sister has fucked around with. Well, Sister was ranting on and on about how she'll get her tubes tied if Mom doesn't let her keep this kid, and that means "mom won't have any kids". Dad looks at me like "Does she know you can still have kids?" and Sister texts me "Just tell dad" So I had the opportunity to tell him, but I didn't. Fucking tits. But I think he knows, I mean, him showing me the music video for Make It Stop, me not really showing interest in chicks (I used to fake it, be all like "oh dayyuummm" and shit xD), the Rainbow Bracelet. XD Yeah

SO THEN, I'm walking home from school today, because I like to, and like, I was walking behind the elementary, which is where this path I walk on lets off at, and there's a gate seperating us the elementary and the path. Well, some kids were on recess. So as I walk past, a bunch of them swarm up to see me, and one yells "Why are you so chubby?" I didn't say anything, I just flipped them off. xD I swear, like 3 of them started crying, but like 2 kept following along the gate pestering me so I said "Kid, shut the fuck up or I'll knock your face in" and he's like "I'm telling!" and ran off, and I like, fast-walked to my house down the road a bit xD

AND, I found a new favorite band. Asdfghjkl

Well, not a new favorite. It's a favorite, but Cinema Bizarre is still up there <3.

OH, and I got high Friday, and I went to walk to the football game down the road, but damn, it's the highest I ever was.
1) I don't remember much.
2) I DO remember not being able to NOT SMILE. Legit, my mouth would not go down :/
3) I didn't think I was fit to public at the time, so I walked around, and this I don't remember anything except typing on myiPod, thinking I typed a shitload of stuff, and when I went to check today, all it said was "My steak wasn't done D:-4" Lulz xD I have no idea what that was about. But the second i looked at it, I spit my pepsi out in laughter.
The football game before THAT, I tried Fourloko for the first time, and the same person who made me the rainbow bracelet got drunk and was all fucked up xD

Dear Lord I'm a fucked up child. :3

BUT I haven't cut since that whole incident, so yay for me >:o

"Loved by many, I'm still lonely, pay the price for your mistakes, the music died the day I walked away."

I'm done here. :D