Still Broken

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So... I've been crying for the past twenty minutes over my ex girlfriend who dumped me back in March...

I just feel like a failure; I spent three years trying to help her get over her social anxiety and I dropped everything for her and it still wasn't good enough. If I was in a relationship with someone else I'd drop it the moment she said she still loved me, I disassociated myself from my family because they never approved of us, and she still just dropped me like I was nothing...

I feel like I'm never going to be good enough for anyone... I still feel completely heart-broken from her, even though I'm with someone and it's serious and I love her. My ex just broke my spirit and I don't know how to put it back together... It's usually okay but one thing will remind me of us and then I just can't hold it in anymore...

I need help... I just needed to rant, nobody has to reply to this, I'm just feeling sorry for myself. I just needed to write it somewhere where I know nobody I know will find it.


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Well, if you're in a better

Well, if you're in a better relationship right now with another girl, why dwell on a relationship from your past? If your ex had social anxiety, then she had social anxiety. You can't fix that for her. Nobody can change another person entirely.

My advice is simple: It's best to move on. You're in an awesome relationship with someone else right now, so put your energy into that instead of your ex, whom you have no control over.

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Hmm I'm not the best advice giver on this situation,

Since me and my boyfriend have broken up and gotten back together twice. So uh...

I'd say you need to completely get over her. She's gone. It's the past. Yeah, I know it's hard, and I know it hurts. She's the only one who can help herself with social anxiety... If you designate yourself as your keeper, you're abusing yourself.

and obviously you're good enough for someone if you're with someone right now.

Anyways, if she dropped you like you were nothing, obviously she didn't care that much about you. I'd say you need to realize that. You deserve better.
That's redick!

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yeah it's hard. All I can

yeah it's hard. All I can say is time will make it better. Try to balance the good with the bad, yeah you guys had fun times... But She's not that great. Perhaps get someone else's perspective on her. It will make you see things clearer.

Pm me if you want