Welcoming myself! Hope you all join in!

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I'm 14 and joining the group at the advice of people on my forum post. I like politics, socialism, Will Ferrell, and languages. Ich spricht Deutsch, aber ich kann nicht wirklich in es schreiben. Sorry about that, just introducing myself. Check out my profile for more info.


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So many newbies.

Welcome! I speak german too, but not very well, even though I'm in my third year. So yeah, anyway, have fun here and make yourself at home :P

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Hello and welcome!

Wil jy weet Nederlandse of Afrikaanse? Ek weet nie Duiste.

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Deutsch ist sehr gut!

Ich kann nicht so gut Deutsch sprechen, aber ich lernen. Aber ich hasse die Umlauts, ich kann nicht sie am meinen Computer machen, ja?
That probably wasn't that good... But I'm learning.
Seems like we have a lot of German speakers here, maybe gays like german for some reason? Anyway, welcome!


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Omg German awesome

Omg German awesome

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No German Here, Sorry


An optimist sees the glass half full, and a pessimest sees the glass half empty. But a realist however, realises that sooner or later he's going to eventually have to clean the glass.

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I'm actually taking French in school, but I speak German because I am German. I don't really like it that much. I prefer Romance languages because I think the similarities are interesting. I'm a lusophile, so my favorite language is Portuguese.

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Welcome to Oasis

From what I've seen so far from your Forum, Journal, and Profile... I'm left with no doubt that you will inspire some very insightful discussions here.

In fact, I've got a very strong feeling that they may have already begun... :)