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I went to the mall yesterday with two of my...let's call them acquaintances. I haven't been to the mall with friends in a very, very long time. Both of the people I went with are attracted to me. A lot. One male, one female. The dude was the kid I danced with during homecoming. The other is a former good friend of mine. We smoked pot for the first time together in 8th grade and...erm, how should I put this... cuddled intimately in her bed. But that was awhile ago, and I thought it was no big deal, but I guess the girl's got feelings for me.

So the whole time I was with them they argued about who would get to have sex with me first. They were half-joking, but I could definitely tell that they were also being somewhat serious. This I was not expecting, so I spent the whole time being both amused and uncomfortable. And both of them took turns flirting with me. It made me feel like I had complete control over both of them. It made me feel manipulative without even doing anything. Weird.

My best friend is really depressed right now. One of her close friends took half a tablet of ecstasy during school and went to all of her classes high off her ass. Another friend tried cocaine, drank a shit ton, and then drove. All of her friends are making dumb ass decisions and now I have to listen to her complain about it. The people this girl hangs out with... I don't even know. I should be glad that she didn't try cocaine, but I just hate that there's so much drama involved with her.

And when she said she felt like she had no true friends left, I looked at her and said, "Well, you have me." And you know what I got as a response? Nothing. Not a smile, not a thank you, nothing. I feel so fucking unappreciated. I listen to that girl bitch about all of her problems all the time and I get nothing. We're too different. I don't think she'll ever appreciate me fully. Ever. I hang on to our friendship because out of all my friends, she's the only one I can turn to about serious things.

Today's my sister's birthday. She's 12 now. She's spoiled rotten but I guess I still love her. The whole family is coming over for cake and all of that good shit. I would never get the same treatment for my birthday.

I have this urge to go to the library and check out a bunch of classics. My AP English teacher gave us a list of classics that we can read as an assignment, but I wanna read more than just one. I'm gonna read Catch 22, The Catcher in the Rye, The Last of the Mohicans, The Color Purple, and a bunch of others. This list is so convenient. My library card expired though, so I have to take my mom with me and apply for a new one. Something for me to do tomorrow on my day off work.

I made the high honor roll for first quarter. My quarter GPA was 4.03, because of my AP classes. My overall GPA right now is a 3.76. I want it to be higher than that.


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Still not suprised about the friend :c

She's never really appreciated you :'3

sorry that things are so blarg:'3
That's redick!

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It doesn't really matter. It's been like this for 2 years. I'm used to it.

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Forgot a big part of my mall story.

This meth dealer kept following us around when we were at the mall. He kept flirting with me and asking the three of us to find a spot outside to do meth with him. He was kinda fat and super creepy looking. He had that rapist look. So we had to leave because we would lose him but he would always find us and started following us again :|

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this is why people should

this is why people should stick to smoking weed

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