AJ & Me (AtotheJ & RainbowTime)

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me and AJ met when we were 6. at our first days of school and we become friends at the start. i remember this was back when i still had black hair and when we met the rest of the cr3w me and AJ had similar interests and were left out by most of the other girls because we were more masculine from the beginning an the rest of them. some of our closest friends where in our class like Ashley, Kookie, Racheal and Rosie (Kirsty & Hope we met later). so we were all friends which we all had oddly different personalities Ashley was shy, Kookie was smart and able to direct emotions very well, Racheal was incredibly girly and Rosie was party-like and fun loving .

we all hanged out and still do. when we were in P3 and i dyed my hair rainbow to go with my name and the next day Rosie dyed her hair pink and we kept it that way forever since. we all laughed and laughed but the next year me and AJ started physically playing (wrestling, play fighting, pinning each other down etc). we started nudging and rubbing up to each other in public as well as giggling which was out of character for me usually.

i tried to talk to Ashley alot more and started to realise i had a crush on Ashley. at 11/12 came out to her and she was happy and flattered at i came out to her and had a crush on her but she was straight but still wanted to be friends. this was also about the time hope joined the group she was a generous person and a happy one too i guess you could say she had high hopes :3.

also i realised i had a crush on AJ about this time and played odder and odder and i knew then i was completely gay but denied it at the same time. we played by still wrestling and pinning but apparently i nibbled her ear from time to time and she licked my cheek once or twice (once in public) and i whispered in her ear "i like you alot AJ". we kept doing this till we were 15 and i came out to her probaly in a way at would fail horrible most of the time but was successful this time in at i kissed her and she said "you're gay" and i responded "yeah" and she kissed me back and after that she said "me too". later on we came out to the rest of our friends and then Racheal Came out too and Kirsty joined our group and she was also gay and very helpful.

at AJ's sisters Sweet 16th in AJs Room we were Making Out and touching each other when Abby came in and Freaked out and told her mum and i was thrown out. AJ came with me and we went to our home and had sex (nobody was home) AJs mum told my mum who freaked out (MASSIVE HOMOPHOBE) and we were kicked out permanently. then lately Jenna was kicked out of mums house mum thought she was gay (we just thought she was a Tomboy) and came out to us in the house and we were proud of her and supported her (thanks again to everybody who gave us advice on oasis how to tell her it was okay to be gay). me and AJ have been together since and i hope will be forever more through being kicked out to abby trying to break us up and much more and were still together and i hope everybody else on oasis in a relationship lasts for years to come.