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Ohhi guys guess who can't maintain proper sleeping paterns to save her life? Aww yeah.

I had a super-productive day on Monday that consisted of a fangirl lunch, classes, donating blood, brief encounter with Irish coffee boy, and queer games night. I was also awake for 24 hours and highly caffeinated the entire time. I've got some ideas floating around for my final essay and both portfolios, but I've got no fucking clue what I'm doing for the creative project in lit and film. I'm also leaving in less than a month and I'm alternating happy and really fucking sad about this. ...and yes, there may have been a few days last week when I considered doing my Masters here. it's still not entirely off the table, I don't know. Options, woo.
Also i wore a cute dress and leggings and flats on Monday and felt awesome! And then I woke up Tuesday morning and had to layer a sports bra and a binder and a hoody and spent half an hour talking myself out of getting my hair chopped off. Chill the fuck out, brain.

And my epic gripe of the month! I'm meant to be meeting a friend (lovely girl, really cool) tomorrow after arranging the time and day in person because facebook and texting didn't work. But we forgot to organize a place to meet, and so I posted on her wall this morning asking and she's been on facebook since then and still not gotten back to me. This has happened with multiple people over the last couple weeks and I'm on the verge of fucking pulling my hair out. Like, if you don't want to hang out with me just tell me so instead of leading me on with vague 'yes we should totally do that, I'll get back to you'. And if you're actually just that terrible at keeping your social life organized you ought to work on that because it is both kidn of rude and kind of panic-making for those of us who are already doubtful that people would actually want to hang out with us.