Crazy... Oasis turns 16 years old

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Just Dave's post just reminded me that Oasis has a birthday coming up.

On December 1, Oasis will have its Sweet 16 (apologies to the Latino/as, as we never had its quinceanera last year).

So, the site is finally older than many of its members, yet I never age. Go figure!


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and i've been here for

and i've been here for almost 6 of those years! woww. if i stick around for four more years, I'll have been around for half of the life of the site.

also, Jeff, if you're a sassy gay vampire, I'm going to have to get somebody to write a tv show about you aimed at tweens.

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My four year Oasis

My four year Oasis anniversary was 6 days ago, now that I'm checking. Wow.

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That's ok about the Quinceañera. :-D

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How odd. This site is as old

How odd. This site is as old as I am. Happy birthday, Oasis.

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This site is only 27 days older than me!

Kinda creepy.... But thanks so much for making this, Jeff! I'm sure most of us will agree when I say that I dunno where I'd be without it :] <3
That's redick!

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Few months older than me...

I think I've been here for slightly over 2 of those years. So yeah, really don't know where I'd be without this place :P

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I have become the most defunct Oasis member, but I remember joining Oasis eight years ago. It has been and remains a vibrant and vital community! :)