follow-up to the angst

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aka more angst.

I was having a good-night phone call with Emily (the girlfriend) last night and I told her about the guy from my high school and how upset I was.

Her responses were basically
1. powderpuff is stupid and sexist and lame
2. it doesn't sound like participating in powderpuff would be empowering for this guy, therefore it's stupid.
3. stealth is a denial of history and a denial of status as a member of an oppressed minority group and it's not like people of color have the opportunity to go stealth, so it's stupid.
4. due to the above i shouldn't be jealous
5. "i think i would've been pretty upset if you'd done powderpuff cheerleading."

I didn't have any real responses to any of the stuff she said except #5, to which I said "well luckily for you I'm never going to have that opportunity."

And then there was a long silence and I told her I needed to go to bed.

I wasn't mad at her this morning. It was late last night and we'd both had long days and I was upset and it's fine. So I texted her when I woke up: "Good morning emily. I love you."

she responded, "I think i'm still mad at you but I'm not ready to talk about it. Can we take a day off?"

I said yes.

Now we're taking a day off.

And if she isn't going to be okay with me being a regular guy someday, there's going to be an issue.

I have a lot of studying to do, anyway. So it's probably better not to text her.